Errant Gods

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2018
15 hours 9 minutes
Hank Jensen doesn't believe in monsters-not the kind Stephen King writes about at any rate.

Hank is one of New York's best criminal profilers, and he loves his job. But when he meets the Bristol Butchers, all that changes. They are a pair of psychopaths-cannibals. He chases them in spite of the disabling curse they cast on him, in spite of their threats to his family, and when he catches up to them, his horror begins. They claim to be gods-immortal, omnipotent-and they change into monsters before his eyes. Unable to stop them, the battle leaves him sick, despondent, broken. His career is at an end. His only respite is his family.

Years later, the Butchers return to make good on their threats. When his family disappears on Halloween night, Hank decides his time for doing nothing is at an end.

He must chase them to places he thought existed only in myth. He knows they have the power to raise monsters, mythical beings-even the dead-to block his path. How can he, a disabled mortal, overcome gods? How will he overcome his disability, his doubts?
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Timothy C.

Loved the story, well written and narrated

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Brilliant story which is expertly read. Starting 2nd book now.

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I really liked it.

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Narrator did a good job. The book was horrible.

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David B.

I liked the reading and the author was goog

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Aakriti A.

Book: Errant Gods Author: Erik Henry Vick When the gods become serial killers, do mortals stand a chance? One broken man must fight the impossible to save mankind. Hank Jensen was New York's most dedicated criminal profiler, but the demonic Bristol Butchers crushed his career and left him disabled and hopeless.He was cursed with a broken body..The book is compared to stephen king book. Although he was trying to live his new life the demons attack his family but to save his loved ones he has to enter an unrecognizable world of Norse gods.With lingering injuries and crippling doubts, he must overcome a land of dragons and shapechangers to defeat pure evil. Can a mere mortal outwit the gods to save his family, or will his quest end in fire and ash? The story will hook you till the end.From starting to end, the book will give you chills,action and thriller.I looved the audio explaining each character and maintaining the thriller and suspense through the story .

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I hate books, now I can’t stop listening to these books!!!!! I want more

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Walter W.

Surprisingly entertaining. Would recommend if you like Norse legends but have the capacity for the author's twisting of those legends.

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Silly, too much useless dialogue.

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