The Farthest Shore

Written by:
Ursula K. Le Guin
Narrated by:
Rob Inglis

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2010
8 hours 9 minutes
Return to the windswept world of Earthsea in the third book of this magnificent fantasy saga.
As a young wizard, Ged boldly entered the sacred labyrinth of Atuan to steal the magical ring of Erreth-Akbe from the dark forces of the world. Now, as Archmage and Dragonlord, an older Ged faces an even greater challenge. Prince Arren has
come to tell him that the magic has gone out of Earthsea. All over the world, mages and wizards are forgetting their spells, and the springs of magic are running dry.
With Arren by his side, Ged sets off on a harrowing quest for the source of darkness slowly creeping over the world. The journey leads the pair past enchanted islands, fire-breathing dragons, and cunning villains—and straight to
the shores of death. Only there can hope be found for the wounded land.
Lauded as one of the best-loved fantasy classics of this century, Ursula K. Le Guin’s Earthsea saga will sweep you into a fantastic land of wizardry and high adventure.
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Judith M.

Once again Rob Inglis nails it with his narration! The book itself was awesome, especially the ending, but Rob brought it to life.

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Chris P.

Wonderful book but IMHO some strange accent choices by the narrator. If Arren is the prince of Enlad and heir of Morred why would he speak like Wurzel bleeding Gummidge?

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James D.

A solid effort. I enjoyed it. Le Guin’s writings sometimes plumbs to the depths. The dialogue surrounding the almost Faustian bargain some of the acquaintances make in this book, is both horrifying and captivating. Yet her characters often seem like wraiths: they are not real; their edges are not defined; they are forgettable as soon as they have passed; and she really only ever puts two of them in a house.

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