The Female Short Story - The Complete Version

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2022
80 hours 11 minutes
01 - The Female Short Story. A Chronological History - An Introduction - The Complete History02 - The Unfortunate Bride or The Blind Lady a Beauty by Aphra Behn03 - Fantomina or, Love in a Maze by Eliza Haywood - Part 104 - Fantomina or, Love in a Maze by Eliza Haywood - Part 205 - The Story of Sir Bertrand by Anna Laetitia Barbauld06 - Betty Brown, the St Giles Orange Girl by Hannah More07 - The Changeling by Mary Lamb08 - The White Pigeon by Maria Edgeworth09 - Cousin Mary by Mary Russell Mitford13 - The Mourner by Mary Shelley11 - The Prediction by Mary Diana Dods writing as David Lyndsey12 - The Quadroons by Lydia Maria Child13 - The Indian Orphan. A Tale by Letitia Elizabeth Landon14 - The First Evening by Catherine Crowe15 - The Sexton's Hero by Elizabeth Gaskell16 - Conversation on Conversation by Harriet Beecher Stowe17 - Aunt Hetty on Matrimony by Fanny Fern, the writing pseudonym for Sarah Payton Parton18 - Reality or Delusion by Mrs Ellen Wood19 - The Little Skeleton by Mary Anne Atherstone writing as M A Bird20 - Napoleon and the Spectre by Charlotte Bronte21 - The Knitted Collar by Mary Anne Hoare22 - The Palace of Death by Emily Bronte23 - The Lifted Veil - Part 1 by George Eliot24 - The Lifted Veil - Part 2 by George Eliot25 - The Peterkins Decide to Learn the Languages by Lucretia Peabody Hale26 - The Dead Man of Varley Grange by Elizabeth Anna Hart27 - Two Offers by Frances Watkins Harper38 - The Last House in C Street by Mrs Craik29 - A Story of a Wedding Tour by Margaret Oliphant30 - The Tyburn Ghost by Wilhelmina FitzClarence, The Countess of Munster31 - The Phantom Coach by Amelia Edwards32 - The Shipwrecked Crew by Rebecca Harding Davies33 - A Witch's Den by Helena Blavatsky15 - The Ghost in the Clock Room by Hesba Stretton35 - The Last of Squire Ennismore by Charlotte Riddell36 - The Brothers by Louisa May Alcott37 - Carnivorine by Lucy Hamilton Hooper04 - The Face in the Glass by Mary Elizabeth Braddon39 - The Moonstone Mass by Harriet Prescott Spofford40 - The General's Will by General Jelihovsky41 - The Story of the RipplingTrain by Mary Louisa Molesworth42 - The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth by Rhoda Broughton43 - A Twin Identity by Edith Stewart Drewery44 - The Ghost at the Wrath by Rosa Mulholland45 - The Blue Laboratory by L T Meade46 - Since I Died by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps47 - Many Waters Cannot Quench Love by Louisa Baldwin48 - In the Mist by Mary E Penn49 - An Unexpected Fare by Mary Tuttiett writing as Maxwell Gray50 - Extradited by Isabella Valancy Crawford51 - The Little Room by Madeline Yale Wynne52 - Dog or Demon by Dorothy Havers53 - A Rainy Day by Mary Elizabeth Hawker writing as Lanoe Faulkenery54 - Clomayne's Clerk by Mary E Mann55 - Christmas Eve at a Cornish Manor House by Clara Venn56 - A White Heron by Sarah Orne Jewett57 - Desiree's Baby by Kate Chopin58 - An Outcast of the People by Bithia Mary Croker59 - Cuchulain of Muirthemne. The Only Son of Aoife by Lady Augusta Gregory60 - The Death Mask by H D Everett writing as Theo Parker61 - The Story of 'The Spaniards', Hammersmith by Kate and Hesketh Pritchard62 - A New England Nun by Mary E Wilkins Freeman63 - A Dream of Wild Bees by Olive Schreiner64 - The Hired Baby, A Romance of the London Streets by Mary Mackay writing as Marie Corelli65 - The Runaway by Marion Hepworth-Dixon66 - Amour Dure by Violet Paget writing as Vernon Lee67 - My Flirtations by Ella Hepworth Dixon writing as Margaret Wynham68 - Irremediable by Ella D'Arcy69 - When the Devil Was Well by Gertrude Atherton.wav70 - An Irish Problem by Somerville and Ross71 - From The Dead by Edith Nesbit72 - A Rich Woman by Katharine Tynan73 - An Expiation by Arabella Kenealy74 - Her Murderer by Mary Cholmonderly75 - The Moving Finger by Rose Champion de Crespigny76 - Lucy Wren by Ada Radford77 - A Lost Masterpiece by Mary Chavelita Dunne Bright writing as George Egerton78 - Talma Gordon by Pauline E Hopkins79 - The Yellow Wall Paper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman80 - In the Séance Room by Lettice Galbraith81 - The Perfect Tribute by Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews82 - The Christ of Toro by Gabriela Cunninghame Graham83 - Aunt Lindy. A Story Founded on Real Life by Victoria Earle Matthews84 - The Man With No Face by Gertrude Minnie Robins85 - Cohen of Trinity by Amy Levy86 - The Shape of Fear by Elia W Peattie87 - Souls Belated by Edith Wharton88 - The Coach by Violet Hunt89 - Suggestion by Mrs Ernest Leverson90 - Another Freak by Mary Angela Dickens91 - Red Tape by Mary Sinclair92 - An Idyl of London by Beatrice Harraden93 - The Love Germ by Constance Cotterell94 - The Black Crusader by Alicia Ramsay95 - The Lame Priest by Susan Morrow writing as S Carleton96 - A Pen and Ink Effect by Frances E Huntley97 - Far Above Rubies by Netta Syrett98 - My Honoured Master by Catherine Anne Dawson Scott99 - A Knot of Ribbon by Laurence Alma-Tadema100 - The Mysterious Death on the Underground Railroad by Baroness Emmuska Orczy101 - All Souls Eve by Dora Sigerson Shorter102 - The Deil's Money by Jane Findlater103 - A Futile Ghost by Mary Reynolds104 - When Spirits Steal by Philippa Forest105 - The Strange Looking Man by Fanny Kemble Johnson106 - The Readjustment by Mary Austin107 - Passed by Charlotte Mew108 - The Woman Who Sat Still by Parry Truscott109 - Sylvia by Bessie Kyffin-Taylor.wav110 - The Preacher at Hill Station by Katherine Davis Chapman Tillman111 - The Spirit of the Range by B M Bower112 - The Wooing of Pastor Cummings by Georgia F Stewart113 - Hodge by Elinor Mordaunt114 - Fear by Catherine Wells115 - The Difference by Ellen Glasgow116 - Paul's Case by Willa Cather117 - Rooms by Gertrude Stein118 - Alymer Vance & The Vampire by Alice and Claude Askew119 - White Bread by Zona Gale120 - A Redeeming Sacrifice by Lucy Maud Montgomery121 - The Stones of the Village by Alice Dunbar Nelson122 - A Jury of Her Peers by Susan Glaspell123 - Couching at the Door by D K Broster124 - Devereux's Last Smoke by Izola Forrester125 - The Octoroon's Revenge by Ruth D Todd126 - Guests Unexpected. A Thanksgiving Story by Maude K Griffin127 - Miss Ogilivy Finds Herself by Radclyffe Hall128 - The Mystery of the Gables by Elsie Norris129 - Blessed Are the Meek by Mary Webb130 - An Unwritten Novel by Virginia Woolf131 - Those Who Wait by Ethel Dell132 - Behind the Curtain by Gertrude Barrows Bennett writing as Francis Stevens133 - Breaking the Color Line by Annie McCary134 - Decay by Marjorie Bowen135 - The Lie by Holloway Horn136 - Joseph by Katherine Rickford137 - The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield138 - The Hoodoo by Martha Gruening139 - The Three Kisses by Violet Quirk140 - Sophy Mason Comes Back by E M Delafield141 - The Death Hound by Violet Mary Firth writng as Dion Fortune142 - After the Funeral by Mary Butts143 - In No Strange Land by Katharine Butler144 - Here We Are by Dorothy Parker145 - Young Magic by Helen Simpson146 - The Casualty List by Winifred Holtby147 - Satan's Circus by Lady Eleanor Smith148 - Rhapsody by Dorothy Edwards149 - The Moaning Lily by Emma Vane150 - Why I Live at the PO by Eudora Welty
The Female Short Story - The Complete Version
This title is due for release on January 1, 2022.

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The Female Short Story - The Complete Version
This title is due for release on January 1, 2022
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The Female Short Story - The Complete Version
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The Female Short Story - The Complete Version

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