Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases

Written by:
Grenville Kleiser
Narrated by:

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2011
16 hours 4 minutes
A Practical Handbook of Pertinent Expressions, Striking Similes, Literary, Commercial, Conversational, and Oratorical Terms, for the Embellishment of Speech and Literature, and The Improvement of the Vocabulary of Those Persons Who Read, Write, and Speak English.
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This book is a classic. The language has real poetry to it. Unfortunately the sound quality is risible. It sounds like the narrator is reading whilst mowing the lawn!

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Mendel G.

Oh, man! I listened to the introductory sections with interest. The goal of the book is commendable and certainly something which is surely needed in today's world of poor use of language. But after 5 min of the recitation of these unrelated phrases by the various readers, some of whom sound like they are speaking from inside a barrel...I was ready to confess to anything whether or not the act was committed during my lifetime. It is true that several of the phrase, indeed nanny of them are still in common use over 100 years after the book was published! I did sort of enjoy the attempts of some of the readers to try to read the phrases with "meaning" and even emotion. And it almost became amusing to wait for at least one of the readers to stumble over some of the phrases. And then I got hold of myself, slapped myself and promptly stopped listening to the reading at "clarion tone".

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Nasar S.

Very useful. Especially, for those people who want to improve English.

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Alena D.

I can’t imagine anyone who would seriously little and pay attention to this from beginning to end, Howe I love and listen to it almost every night. There’s obviously no story to follow or focus on, but the words are interesting and this is perfect for falling asleep to. I love it!

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Lot of records are noisy. the book deserves a perfect recording

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Sabra G.

Couldn’t complete it. It didn’t hold my attention. Maybe I’ll try again later.

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