Finding the Fool: A Tarot Journey to Radical Transformation

Written by:
Meg Jones Wall
Narrated by:
Tegan Ashton Cohan

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
11 hours 39 minutes
Finding the Fool is a tarot resource and study guide that goes beyond standardized, traditional interpretations, instead opening the door for listeners of all genders, identities, and experience levels to build a unique and personal relationship with the cards. For Meg Jones Wall, the tarot path to your real, authentic self is bigger than what can be found in only one deck, one way, or one teaching. Breaking through barriers to show up as who you truly are-that is the radical journey to self-discovery and transformation.

Featuring clear, inclusive, and contemporary explorations for every card, Meg provides a roadmap for our own radical journey, giving us the tools and information needed to tap into the wisdom that already lives within us. The author provides astrological and numerological correspondences, methods of connecting with the tarot through spiritual and creative practices, and approaches for using different esoteric tools to explore the cards in new ways to help us create a personal, lasting relationship with tarot. Also included are journal prompts for personal insight and study, and suggestions for creating your own unique tarot spreads, making this a powerful companion for listeners of all levels.
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