Forbidden: Snow White and the Se7en Deadly Sins

Forbidden: Snow White and the Se7en Deadly Sins

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2023
8 hours 46 minutes
I’m used to demons and voodoo. What I was not prepared for was my life turning into a fairytale, complete with the Wicked Step Mother.

My awful step mother is the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. She’s always hated me for being a Succubus. It just got a hundred times worse after my father died mysteriously. I inherited the family company, but I can’t remove her as VP because she’s made the entire board into her zombies. After another board meeting goes her way instead of mine, I decide to blow off a little steam with an intern from accounting. How was I supposed to know my really bad lay was her pet? I couldn’t imagine my step mother giving anyone the time of day unless they have a certain number of zeros behind their net worth.

She’s out for blood. She warned me. She sent a shifter to finish me off on a deserted street in the Bywater district. I barely escape with my life. Luckily, I had been on my way to check out a sex dungeon that was under new management. I manage to stumble there, bleeding everywhere. But I haven’t gone through their vetting process and the bouncer is ready to kick me out on my ass. When I come to, I meet the seven new owners. The new owners are actually the Seven Deadly Sins and they are in New Orleans to do some punishing.

All seven men want a crack at killing her and she’s still out for my blood. I guess I’m plotting with the Seven Deadly Sins to take out my evil step mother.

I’m in totally over my head. Have you ever seen a walking sin? It’s too much even for a Succubus. There are seven of them and I’m falling for all of them.

Forbidden is a dark, adult retelling of Snow White. It contains scenes of consensual BDSM and one evil step mother.
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