The French Revolution: An Enthralling Guide to a Major Event in World History

The French Revolution: An Enthralling Guide to a Major Event in World History

Written by:
Billy Wellman
Narrated by:
Jay Herbert
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
3 hours 14 minutes
The French Revolution is incredibly complex and involves a lot of moving parts, from the monarchy to the political clubs, from the intelligentsia to the starving peasantry protesting in the streets. This audiobook breaks it down for you in simple terms.

It could be argued that the French Revolution is the perfect example of a social movement that began with the best of intentions yet somehow went wrong.

The ideologues of the French Revolution were seeking to create a better, more just society. Their eloquent and profound words about equality, freedom of religion, and sound representation became a great source of inspiration for many. French Enlightenment thinkers even influenced the American Revolution, which occurred prior to France’s revolution.

But while the American Revolution resulted in the founding of a nation based upon the principles of democracy and representative government, the French Revolution devolved into an utter nightmare, especially for those in the upper class.

The French Revolution witnessed mob violence of the worse kind. Practically no one was safe. The king and queen were killed by the guillotine, and so was the Jacobin architect of the “Great Terror,” Maximilien Robespierre. Then, in perhaps one of the greatest ironies of all, the French Revolution ended with the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, who became a dictator. Many scholars refer to Napoleon as an “enlightened despot,” but he was a dictator all the same.

The French Revolution does indeed present itself as an incredibly perplexing paradox. What happened? What went wrong? Here in this audiobook, we explore the possibilities.

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