From the Realm of a Dying Sun: Volume 1: IV. SS-Panzerkorps and the Battles for Warsaw, July–November 1944

Written by:
Douglas E. Nash Sr.
Narrated by:
David De Vries

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
28 hours 13 minutes
The histories of the first three SS corps are well known-the actions of I, II, and III (Germanic) SS-Panzerkorps and their subordinate divisions, including the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler, Das Reich, Hitlerjugend, Hohenstaufen, Frundsberg, and Nordland divisions, have been thoroughly documented and publicized.

Overlooked in this pantheon is another SS corps that never fought in the west or in Berlin but one that participated in many of the key battles fought on the Eastern Front during the last year of the war-the IV SS-Panzerkorps. Activated during the initial stages of the defense of Warsaw in late July 1944, the corps, consisting of both the 3. and 5. SS-Panzer Divisions (Totenkopf and Wiking, respectively) was born in battle and spent the last ten months of the war in combat, figuring prominently in the battles of Warsaw, the attempted Relief of Budapest, Operation Spring Awakening, the defense of Vienna, and the withdrawal into Austria where it finally surrendered to US forces in May 1945.

Herbert Otto Gille's IV SS-Panzerkorps was renowned for its tenacity, high morale and, above all, its lethality, whether conducting a hard-hitting counterattack or a stubborn defense in situations where its divisions were hopelessly outnumbered.
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Sam G.

The author’s extensive experience in both senior command and staff positions in the US Army together with his deep knowledge of the German military during World War II gave him a clear understanding of what he was writing about. This enabled him to place the events associated with the IV.SS-Panzer Corps in an appropriate context that is understandable to the reader. The text is riveting and one can begin to understand the incredible hardships that the German military was experiencing. Not only does the author do a good job of explaining the different command and staff elements of the IV.SS-Panzer Corps, but goes on to describe in detail about the combat actions of the “Wiking” and “Totenkopf” divisions as well as attached Army units to include a disciplinary battalion. The author did a superior job of exploiting period documents along with post-war German military studies to develop his narrative. This well-written book is very enjoyable and I look forward to listening Volume II.

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