The German War: A Nation under Arms, 1939–1945; Citizens and Soldiers

Written by:
Nicholas Stargardt
Narrated by:
Michael Kramer

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2016
24 hours 17 minutes
A major new history of the Third Reich that explores the German psyche.

As early as 1941, Allied victory in World War II seemed all but assured. How and why, then, did the Germans prolong the barbaric conflict for three and a half more years?

In The German War, acclaimed historian Nicholas Stargardt draws on an extraordinary range of primary source materials—personal diaries, court records, and military correspondence—to answer this question. He offers an unprecedented portrait of wartime Germany, bringing the hopes and expectations of the German people—from infantrymen and tank commanders on the Eastern Front to civilians on the home front—to vivid life. While most historians identify the German defeat at Stalingrad as the moment when the average German citizen turned against the war effort, Stargardt demonstrates that the Wehrmacht in fact retained the staunch support of the patriotic German populace until the bitter end.

Astonishing in its breadth and humanity, The German War is a groundbreaking new interpretation of what drove the Germans to fight—and keep fighting—for a lost cause.
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Thomas Doyle

Very objective which kind of surprised me. But it shows how wrong thinking and unrealistic expectations can go so very wrong . The atrocities are so mind numbing that it's hard to believe any group of people could do those kinds of things but we know they did happen and the allied bombing campaign was so intense to name just a couple of major themes. The interaction among people was so dynamic. An almost unbelievable story,but unfortunately true!

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