Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples: First Edition

Written by:
Harville Hendrix
Narrated by:
Harville Hendrix

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2004
2 hours 19 minutes
The bestselling guide to transforming an intimate relationship into a lasting source of love and companionship, in an all new production of the revised and updated text—on CD for the first time
In Getting the Love You Want, Dr. Harville Hendrix presents the relationship skills that have already helped hundreds of thousands of couples to replace confrontation and criticism with a healing process of mutual growth and support. This extraordinarily practical guide describes the revolutionary technique of IMAGO Relationship Therapy, which combines a number of disciplines—including the behavioral sciences, depth psychology, cognitive therapy, and Gestalt therapy, among others—to create a program to resolve conflict and renew communication and passion.
Dr. Hendrix describes the three stages of intimate relationships, provides illustrative case studies and gives recommendations to help couples create a stronger bond between them. Step by step, he offers advice on how to communicate with greater accuracy and sensitivity, how to let go of self-defeating behaviors, and how to focus energy on meeting each partner's needs.
With Getting the Love You Want, couples in any stage of a relationship can resolve their conflicts and achieve mutual emotional satisfaction.
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Rick Moore

I loved this book on three levels. First, it has definitely improved my marriage. The advise and suggestions given are bound to help anyone's relationship in my estimation. Second, it gave me insights into my unconscious choices and helped me realize the projections and denials that I regularly employ in my life. Which brings me to the third aspect of this book that I love. It introduced me to Jungian psychology in a meaningful and practical way. I had always respected and liked Jung's thoughts and idea, but never really made the connection to my own personal life. I found his concepts interesting...but intellectual. Now, I am thrilled and helped by a deeper connection to Jung's thoughts which have enriched my life and spirituality immensely. Thanks Harville.

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