The Guilty Spouse

The Guilty Spouse

Written by:
Thomas Fincham
Narrated by:
David Anthony Roche
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2021
7 hours 33 minutes
Is it murder if there is no dead body?Alex Whitehead was last seen three days ago at a gas station. Many believe he has run away. But Alex’s sister, Kathleen, believes something far worse has happened to him. Detective Fisher isn’t sure if it’s a murder investigation or a missing persons case. All evidence points to it being the latter.

Meanwhile, Detective Holt is haunted by an old case. His actions had caused a woman to lose her unborn child. Holt wants desperately to make things rights. But can he?

Private Investigator Lee Callaway is approached by a man who wants Callaway to find out who had attacked his only son. As Callaway digs deeper into the man’s case, he can’t help but feel that something doesn’t feel right.
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