A Happy Ending

Written by:
Anton Chekhov
Narrated by:
Belinda Hillman

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
0 hours 9 minutes
Lyubov Grigoryevna, a matchmaker, visits Stytchkin, the head guard, to discuss his desire to find a wife. Stytchkin is a practical and sober man who values inner qualities over external appearance in a woman.
He wants a wife who respects him and appreciates the happiness he provides. Stytchkin does not want a wealthy bride, but also cannot marry a poor girl due to the cost of living and potential children.
The matchmaker offers Stytchkin options of French and Greek brides, but he declines. Stytchkin is surprised by the matchmaker's fee of 25 rubles and considers it expensive.
The matchmaker explains that earnings from matchmaking have decreased over time. Stytchkin compliments the matchmaker, suggesting she could find a practical husband for herself.
Stytchkin reveals his salary and additional earnings from catching fare evaders. Stytchkin expresses his desire for a middle-aged wife with qualities similar to the matchmaker.
The matchmaker giggles and eventually accepts Stytchkin's proposal. Stytchkin explains his expectations for his future wife, emphasizing his strict and respectable nature.
Overall, the story portrays Stytchkin's search for a wife and his preferences for a practical and respectful partner. The matchmaker plays a role in facilitating this process, and Stytchkin ultimately proposes to her.
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