Hard Stop: A Sam Acquillo Hamptons Mystery

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2009
9 hours 5 minutes
Sam Acquillo is getting to be a lot more sociable. People are constantly dropping by, including guys in black outfits with .45 automatics breaking into his cottage in the middle of the night.

Though on doctor’s orders to stay clear of violence and mayhem, Sam does what’s needed to encourage a candid conversation with the home invader, with surprising results. It seems a person important to the private life of a very important person has gone missing in the Hamptons. And it looks like the best way to get her back is to extort the cooperation of Sam Acquillo.

Suddenly, Sam’s past reaches out to pull him back into the world of big money and even bigger egos, where the term “corporate intrigue” is redundant and ambition the only virtue. But this time, there’s some added incentive: an opportunity to get a piece of his old life back, the only piece Sam might actually want.
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