Hawkes Harbor

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: S. E. Hinton

Narrated By: Dick Hill

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Date: September 2004

Duration: 7 hours 1 minutes


Dr. Phillip McDevitt, director of Terrace View Asylum, is intrigued by his newest patient, a troubled young man recently transferred from the state hospital for the criminally insane. Jamie Sommers suffers from depression, partial amnesia, and an unaccountable fear of the dark. Dr. McDevitt is determined to help Jamie conquer his demons, but the more he probes the young man's fractured memories, the stranger his case becomes.... An orphan and a bastard, Jamie grew up tough enough to handle almost anything. Taking to the sea, he found danger and adventure in exotic ports all over the world. He's survived foreign prisons, smugglers, pirates, gunrunners, and even a shark attack. But what he discovered in the quiet seaside town of Hawkes Harbor, Delaware, was enough to drive him almost insane - and change his life forever. Hawkes Harbor is a compelling and unpredictable new novel by one of America's most honored storytellers.


  • Danny

    Finally I listen to a vampire novel not full of whining teenagers. I didn't even realize this was the woman who wrote THE OUTSIDERS. She also wrote childrens books so she has done it all. This is a great rich novel. Full of colorful characters and a great storyline the only problem is she didn't write but one or two adult novels.

  • MDM

    I found this book enjoyable. Well-paced and action packed. A unique twist on a familiar villian...with a surprisinly warm and endearing ending. The main characters are engaging and likeable and the story has a lot of elements and depth.

  • A. Teal

    I really liked this story because it showed a different angle to the vampire/victim story. Even though I did not really like any of the characters, the story was told well with enough twists and a surprising and beautiful ending. However I did not like the narrator at all, that is why I can give it only 4 stars.

  • Del

    How I listen to books is, I load up my queue so it is quite full and then mix the order up. When I get a book I often don't remember why I put it in my queue and I have no idea what it is about. Most books this isn't a big deal, 5 minutes into the story you know exactly what kind of book it is going to be. This is not one of those stories. I don't think I realized it was a vampire story until the end of the first disk or maybe into the second. It was so enjoyable to listen without any clue what might be coming up next. I was trying to figure out why I had added this drama to my queue because at first it didn't seem the normal drama I would normally add. I was very pleasantly surprised and I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a good story, a well written drama, or a vampire story that isn't about sex or gore.

  • Dana

    What a strange story! It starts about an orphan who, as a young man, for some reason is now in a mental ward. We find out about the young man's life and adventures with his scoundrel friend Kell, and off you go, but in the end it could possibly be about the redemption of a "former" vampire - or about the redemption of the young man - or some sort of tale of mutual need between the two (but why did the author put in the story about the shark and the pirates???) .... the plot is seemingly pulling in two or more directions. I listened to it all and liked it mostly. Some points on the audio .... the narrator made many of the characters sound whiny to me - which made them unsympathetic when I think they were supposed to be. Also for those of you old enough to have watched the bionic woman, the main character's name (Jamie Summers) might make you wince for the first few discs before you get used to it ... :P

  • Adam

    Started out fairly interesting and then turned into a badly written vampire story. What was the author thinking --certainly not about writing something worthwhile.

  • Anonymous

    I would recommend this book. It was very entertaining with some interesting twists. The end was a little drawn out, but worth it.

  • Walter Mallon

    This was not a typical story as are many of those being pumped out by the likes of Koontz, John Saul, etc. It was a good bit original and I liked it.

  • Anonymous

    This book started out promising but got steadily worse after the 2nd disk. If I had another book to play, I would have sent this one back. Boring, wandering, pointless.

  • Melissa Maurice

    A nice story, interesting twist on the old villain/protagonist tale.

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by S. E. Hinton

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Hawkes Harbor, S. E. Hinton
Hawkes Harbor, S. E. Hinton
This title is due for release on September 14, 2004.

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Hawkes Harbor, S. E. Hinton
This title is due for release on September 14, 2004
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Hawkes Harbor, S. E. Hinton
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Hawkes Harbor, S. E. Hinton

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