Hero at Large: Second Edition

Written by:
Timothy Ellis
Narrated by:
Graham Halstead

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2018
6 hours 52 minutes
Surviving having survived, comes with a body count.

Jonathon Hunter has evoked the wrath of twenty-seventh-century pirates. With his twin sexy bodyguards, Jonathon seeks to come to grips with station life in a suddenly hostile universe.

Celebrity, gratitude, sudden attacks, and a mysterious prophecy are more than most eighteen year olds can handle.

A reluctant hero, Jonathon is on a journey, seemingly out of his time, but always in time.

Meet Jon Hunter as he starts a two-year journey to prophecy, with his AI sidekick, and mostly female mercenary team.

This is a rollicking coming of age story, of life in space, fighter and ground combat action, and surviving the consequences of surviving.
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