Hidden In Brutal Devotion

Hidden In Brutal Devotion

Written by:
Bj Alpha
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
5 hours 34 minutes

I’ve only loved once in my life but never again. It threw me into a depth of hell I’ve barely crawled out of.

But when Cole enters my life, I’m willing to give love another try. He’s six feet and three inches of solid muscle, full of dirty fun, and completely devoted to me, leaving my heart once again exposed.

Then, there’s his brother, Lucas, always in the background lingering for more, diligently waiting. But his own brutal demons leave him struggling to give in to me.

To us.

And when I finally meet the brother they call Rage, my mind is thrown back in time, forcing memories I tried to keep hiddento resurface and putting not just me in danger.

Can they accept me and my baggage when I choose to accept theirs, or will my past catch up with me and tear us apart, forcing me to choose only one?

Hidden In Brutal Devotion is a Why Choose Dark Romance book. It is book 1 in a duet.

WARNING: This book has triggers. It contains sensitive and explicit storylines, graphic sex scenes and strong language recommended for readers aged eighteen and over.
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