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The History of Prostitution

Written by:
William Sanger
Narrated by:
LibriVox Volunteers

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2016
7 hours 55 minutes
Common sense asks for a full investigation of all the evils attending prostitution. In the every-day affairs of life, any man who feels the pressure of a particular evil looks at once for its cause. He may be neither a philosopher nor a logician, and may never have heard of or read any of the luminous treatises which professedly simplify science, yet he knows very well that for every effect there must be some adequate cause, and for this he generally searches diligently till he can find and remove it. But here, in the city of New York, is a population who claim to be as intelligent as any on the Western continent, who have been for years suffering from the effects of a vice in purse and person; who have paid and are paying every year large sums of money on account of it; who witness every day some broken constitution or ruined character resulting from it, and who yet have never thought of seeking out the cause! Is it now too late to enlist your sympathies in the undertaking? Hence we conclude that propriety, expediency, public safety, private interest, and common sense demand an investigation like this now submitted to the reader. (from the Introduction)
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Kathleen L.

Although packed with interesting info it feels like reading someone’s doctoral thesis. It is interesting from a historical perspective having been published in 1857. Unfortunately attitudes towards women haven’t changed much in 150+ years.

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Teresa H.

Historically interesting, captivated by his honesty.

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Linda B.

Very dry and it’s a very interesting topic.

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Gillian Titmuss

The narration was so awful that I couldn't get very far with the book.

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Brittany M.

I tried listening to this and it's just really bored like I almost started to falling asleep.

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Slow, rather legal

Profile Avatar

Riddle with opinionated rhetoric.

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Daniel V.

Extremely dry in its delivery and the thinking is antiquated, typical of the hypocritical Elizabethan age. I think this is too old to be relevant. I couldn’t listen to it to finish.

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