Written by:
Charles Bukowski
Narrated by:
Christian Baskous

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2013
6 hours 25 minutes
From iconic tortured artist/everyman Charles Bukowski, Hollywood is the fictionalization of his experience adapting his novel Barfly into a movie by the same name.

Henry Chinaski, Bukowski’s alter-ego, is pushed to translate a semi-autobiographical book into a screenplay for John Pinchot.  He reluctantly agrees, and is thrust into the otherworld called Hollywood, with its parade of eccentric and maddening characters: producers, artists, actors and actresses, film executives and journalists.  In this world, the artistry of books and film is lost to the dollar, and Chinaski struggles to keep his footing in the tangle of cons that comprise movie making.

Hollywood is Dirty Old Man Bukowski at his most lucid.  It overflows with curses, sex, and alcohol.  And through it all, or from it all, Bukowski finds flashes of truth about the human condition. 
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Jose victor G.

what can I say ... CBs words resonate in my mind as if he was speaking through me ... a child can read his stuff and understand it ... but only a beaten up soul can relate ... Hollywood reads like a messed up reality tv show... Regardless ...if it is all true or all a lie ... it’s interesting , funny , cruel and sad and insane all at once ... Watch barfly before you listen ... it’s better that way ...

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