Home Sweet Maison: The French Art of Making a Home

Written by:
Danielle Postel-Vinay
Narrated by:
Carrington MacDuffie

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2018
4 hours 56 minutes
French Women Don’t Get Fat meets The Little Book of Hygge in this lively, sophisticated, and practical illustrated lifestyle guide that shows how to enjoy la belle vie—to live like the French every day—transforming your house into a home defined by beauty, family, and accessible elegance.

How do the French create the elusive and alluring sanctuaries they call home? This question long intrigued Danielle Postel-Vinay. Thanks to a chance encounter with a French expat in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and years of immersive research, she embarked on a quest to discover the secrets of the French home aesthetic.

Experiencing first-hand la belle vie—the beautiful life—Postel-Vinay now shows everyone how to create their own French sanctuary, a home sweet maison, no matter where they live. Providing more than just interior decorating and design tips, Postel-Vinay teaches you how to foster the warmth, beauty, and rituals inherent in the French home and create an environment better suited to living a rich, full, connected life. At the center of the book is the idea that your house should be a reflection of you, your hobbies, your family history, your rituals, all the things that make your life unique. A happy home is a home that expresses your rituals and your taste, not one that relies on prefab décor from a mass retailer.

Home Sweet Maison encapsulates the very heart of the French way of seeing the world: set the table formally, adhere to all the conventions of ritual and tradition, then take pleasure in indulgence. It’s about using French concepts and routines to change our homes, our relationships, and our lives for the better.
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Leo R.

It’s great

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Kim F.

I liked the book. It was short and cute. I don’t necessarily agree that French homes are designed better than American homes, and yet her descriptions of the differences are easy to understand. I like the stories of how other people decorate their homes and use their homes. French use mirrors, not tvs. Basic decorating rooms, pallet should be neutral, and loud colors or wallpaper on the wall will offend the French. The purpose of the Salon (or living room) is to bring you closer with your guest. Kids are invited as guests, they do not play there. There are a lot of examples of French living and differences, from not eating and working at the same time, to portion control, to no butter on the dinner table (the French eat dinner bread without butter) No milk with dinner. There are a multitude of rules and etticut in the French home. I would recommend the book.

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