How Bad Do You Want It?: Mastering the Psychology of Mind over Muscle

Written by:
Matt Fitzgerald
Narrated by:
Matt Fitzgerald

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2016
8 hours 30 minutes
The greatest athletic performances spring from the mind, not the body. Elite athletes have known this for decades and now science is learning why it's true. In his fascinating new book How Bad Do You Want It?, coach Matt Fitzgerald examines more than a dozen pivotal races to discover the surprising ways elite athletes strengthen their mental toughness. Fitzgerald puts you into the pulse-pounding action of more than a dozen epic races from running, cycling, triathlon, XTERRA, and rowing with thrilling race reports and revealing post-race interviews with the elites. Their own words reinforce what the research has found: strong mental fitness lets us approach our true physical limits, giving us an edge over physically stronger competitors. Each chapter explores the how and why of an elite athlete's transformative moment, revealing powerful new psychobiological principles you can practice to flex your own mental fitness. The new psychobiological model of endurance performance shows that the most important question in endurance sports is: how bad do you want it? Fitzgerald's fascinating book will forever change how you answer this question and show you how to master the psychology of mind over muscle. These lessons will help you push back your limits and uncover your full potential. How Bad Do You Want It? reveals new psychobiological findings including: Mental toughness determines how close you can get to your physical limit. Bracing yourself for a tough race or workout can boost performance by 15% or more. Champions have learned how to give more of what they have. The only way to improve performance is by altering how you perceive effort. Choking under pressure is a form of self-consciousness. Your attitude in daily life is the same one you bring to sports. There's no such thing as going as fast as you canonly going faster than before. The fastest racecourse is the one with the loudest spectators. Faith in your training is as important as the training itself.
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Ray P.

The book gave a lot of examples of athletes overcoming adversity, and succeeding in their chosen sport. I was looking for a more processes and tasks to aid mental strength, otherwise it would have been a 5*. The narration was a little hard to follow to start as Matt talks very quickly in my opinion, but I got used to it

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Charity P.

Meh. Good general tips but nothing very substantial

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Brian K.

worst narration, like an irritated robot dad

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BenoƮt G.

Great insight into the endurance athlete mindsets, and of the ways to cope with pain through mental fitness. Great narration.

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Dietmar B.

I wanted to read the book really bad!!! So i read record time, using his suggestions. Thank you! BTW, it is good:)

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Marvin Washington

very inspiring and motivating.

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Great book. Beautiful inspiring reql life stories.

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