Hygge and Minimalism (2 Manuscripts in 1): The Practical Guide to The Danish Art of Happiness, The Minimalist way of Life and Decluttering your Home, Budget and Mind

Written by:
Alexandra Jessen

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2020
6 hours 22 minutes
If you want your daily life full of peace, happiness and joy (Instead of constant anxiety, low moods and overthinking) then keep reading...
The modern world and media can make it seem like unless your life is filled with ‘'stuff' you can never be happy. In fact, true happiness and simplicity can be found in every moment. Hygge and Minimalism and Decluttering will show you exactly how to do that.
Hygge is a lifestyle that comes from Denmark (The happiest country in the world I thought I'd mention) that, in essence, means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. And Minimalism is actually about a reassessment of your priorities, so you can strip away the excess stuff that doesn’t actually provide value to your life.
Here is just a sliver of what you will discover inside:
The three questions to ask yourself to live a meaningful life
Declutter by buying more things
Think you have to get rid of everything to be a minimalist? Think again!
Exactly how to discover your minimalism and how to make it work for you
The must know strategies to make minimalism work for the busiest people and families
The two easiest techniques to cultivate happiness, joy, and peace into every aspect of your life
The secret hygge strategies straight from the happiest country in the world
Why you aren’t fulfilled (Hint: The next iPhone isn’t going to do it either!)
How to embrace Hygge all year round
10 simple strategies to employ hygge while traveling
The simplest secret to skyrocket your happiness
A step-by-step guide to making your life more hygge starting today
And that is barely scratching the surface.
If you believe that you can’t be a minimalist without giving up all your possessions, and if you think Hygge is just for winter, this audiobook will show you exactly how wrong you are.
So, if you want a life consisting of meaning, inner peace, happiness, and FULL of joy, then scroll up and click 'Add To Cart.'
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Just not the style of writing I enjoy. If I had carefully read the description I would have caught that.

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Grace W.

The effort of the author of this audio is highly appreciated. I can’t imagine how hard it is to come up with two topics in one audio. I salute the author for that.

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Liv B.

The author of this audio is so brilliant for coming up with two topics in one audio. I was able to know a lot of connections between the two which are really easy to apply.

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Jenna W.

This audiobook is short but is informative. All the things we need to learn about hygge and minimalism is here so we should not look for more.

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Dilan B.

This audio has a very practical guide for all to achieve simplicity and unlimited happiness. This would be very helpful for us to live freely and happily without any stress at all.

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Frida D.

After listening to this audio, I tried applying the tips on how to achieve a simple and happy life. I can see instant outcomes and I will continue doing the things I have learned here.

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Malia H.

This audio is full of wonderful information about hygge and minimalism that I totally agree with. I will apply these things that I have learned in order to have a happy and satisfying life.

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Ada W.

Listening to this audio made me realized that Hygge and Minimalism are tools that can be used to live a life filled with contentment, gratitude and intention.

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Alonso D.

If you want to find relaxation in decluttering, you must listen to this audio so that you will find it enjoyable and not boring.

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Jayda S.

This audio will teach you how to connect more to the people you love. I am really satisfied with the information I learned from this.

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Reina W.

This audio taught me that we could benefit from clutter to comfort. When we remove these, we will find it more comfortable, achieving both hygge and minimalism.

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Jesus N.

This audio is perfect to those people who wants creating ambiance in their homes while getting rid of the clutter and giving more room for enjoyment.

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Frida M.

I have learned in this audio how hygge and minimalism go together like chocolate and coffee. I now focus on creating a space I love in which I enjoy spending time in and are happy to welcome others into.

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Madelynn B.

This audio about hygge and minimalism can help create connections and memories without worrying about being embarrassed by piles of clutter or mess. Listen to this audio now to know more.

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Ronald H.

I have learned in this audio that the more space there is, the more fun it is. Knowing the simple moments in life are often the most meaningful in the long run.

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Lamar A.

This audio made it very clear that hygge and minimalism are both not about stuff. It is the feeling of contentment and happiness which shall be practiced by everyone.

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Donovan T.

This 2 in 1 manuscript about hygge and minimalism helped me have a clear understanding of what I should value and what is important to me. Thanks to the author of this audio.

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Kelsey F.

This audio is a practical guide that will help to create a home and space that you love. Getting rid of the clutter will make you enjoy the present moment.

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Lance S.

This audio taught me that hygge and minimalism go together. They can be both achieved in our everyday lives. If you want to know how, you must listen to this audio now.

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Mallory C.

This audio about hygge and minimalism is very informative. I have learned that they compliment each other in so many ways. Their goal is for us to have a simple and comfortable life.

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Teresa B.

If you want to achieve a simple and happy life, you must listen to this bundle. This gave emphasis on the fact that happiness does not depend on material things.

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