I Say A Little Prayer

Written by:
E. Lynn Harris
Narrated by:
Mirron Willis

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2006
7 hours 6 minutes
Bestselling author E. Lynn Harris is back with another sexy, shocking, and immensely satisfying novel that explores some of today’s toughest and most timely issues.

Chauncey Greer is the owner of Cute Boy Card Company, a thriving company in Atlanta. As a teenager, he was a member of a popular boy band, but left in disgrace when word got out that he and his band mate D were more than good friends. Chauncey is a free spirit now, who's been known to hook up with men and women. After one too many bad dates, Chauncey finds himself in church, where the minister’s message inspires him to follow his dream of a singing career once again. Although he’s lost touch with D, as he starts writing songs his thoughts inevitably turn to his former lover.

I SAY A LITTLE PRAYER is filled with the delicious plot twists, humor, compassion, and up-to-the-minute controversy fans expect from their beloved “E. Lynn.” Harris has returned with another gem of a novel that will rocket to the top of bestseller lists nationwide.
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The Pharma Rep

Simply put, the audio abridged version is definitely good for one of your shorter trips. 2hrs each way total of 4. The book was comprised of a few unsuspecting twists which made it very interesting. The message was a good one. Inspirational.

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I'm a big fan of E. Lynn already so I already knew this was going to be good. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time! It helps if you've read all the books because they all tie in together. I'm a little bummed out since I heard this was his last book. I highly recommend it.

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