Igniting Darkness

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
17 hours 33 minutes
How can you rise from the ashes if you don’t start a fire?

Hoping to find an ally from the convent, Sybella instead discovers yet another initiate who has
been misled and misused by the former abbess of Saint Mortain. But with long-held secrets
exposed and allegiances revealed, Sybella must form an uneasy trust born of desperation to
combat enemies at the French court who would have them branded as traitors and heretics.

Some mistakes cannot be fixed—that is Genevieve’s growing fear. Though she may have been a fool, she
is no coward and will do whatever it takes to set things right and ensure her queen’s—and Sybella’s—safety.
It will take all of Genevieve’s strength of will and cunning, along with Sybella’s willingness to embrace her
growing power. But even that may not be enough.

Plans fail, fragile loyalties are tested, and bridges burn in this riveting conclusion to the Courting Darkness
duology. Here, the daughters of Death finally embrace the full depth of their power—and try to make whole
that which has been broken, including themselves.
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