In Her Candy Jar: A Romantic Comedy

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
10 hours 50 minutes
I am always fully in control of my company, my family, and my life. Even my diet is perfectly regulated-that includes no candy.

Except when my new assistant sprays chocolate sauce all over me and passes out drunk in my car, it marks the point where my control over everything starts to unravel.


My new billionaire boss looks like he needs something sweet in his life. I graciously offered to let him stick his hand in my candy jar. It has salt water taffy and gummy worms! I can't believe he thought it was inappropriate!

In an effort to redeem myself, I set out to show Mace that I wasn't a clumsy, car destroying, electronic-killing, accident-prone, walking disaster. That lasted all of five minutes before I set his seaweed and quinoa lunch on fire. Yeah, I didn't know that was a thing either.

I can tell I'm a bad influence. I see him lick his lips when we're alone. I just have to convince him to take one little bite . . . Because once he has a taste, he's going to want to stick his whole face in my candy jar!
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I rarely give up on books but I did give up on this one. I got about a third of the way in but really couldn't warm to or understand the actions of the main characters. I have stuck with other stories which are just as tropey but this one didn't do it for me.

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Dakota M.

In Her Candy Jar follows Mace Svensson and Josie, a young screw-up who gets hired as Mace's assistant. She loves candy, is unorganized, and spills chocolate sauce all over Mace. Needless to say, things can only go up from there, right? Right! I love fun romantic comedies and Alina Jacobs has some of my favorites. I do think the candy euphemisms were a touch too often, but even though they were frequent the MMC comments on the odity of them. I will say the audiobook took me a little bit to get used to. Samantha Summers did a wonderful job as the narrator for Josie's chapters, but I had to get used to Alexander Cendese. Mostly he talks faster than Summers and that threw me off. After I got used to it though, I thought the audiobook was well done.

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Rose Y.

I liked this story a lot. It was entertaining and enjoyable even with the dumb things some of the characters did. The characters were interesting and likable for the most part. Anka, Tara, and Paisley definitely deserved each other. They were the worst. Marnie and Willow were both wonderful friends and sounding boards for Josie. Ida was a hoot and a half, she added some cringeworthy moments as well as some laughs. A good portion of the drama and angst in the story was because of Josie. There were so many times that I yelled at her to communicate with Mace, or listen to her friends, or just to be a responsible adult, but of course, she didn’t listen. Mace got yelled at too, but not much. I loved how his brothers called him a drama queen. It definitely seemed like the relationship between the brothers was dead on. I adored the banter and the innuendos that added to my laughter and enjoyment of the story. Josie was way better with Mace’s little brothers than I thought she would be. Mace and Josie were such opposites that you wouldn’t think they would work, but somehow they do. I loved their happy ever after and I recommend reading this book. If you have the opportunity to listen to the book, TAKE IT! The narrators do an amazing job of bringing the characters to life. I laughed so much I had to explain why to my daughter numerous times. I definitely recommend listening to this book as well.

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Frikantela Z.

A hillarious, laugh-out-loud rom-com that will make your day! Excellent stoyrline and amazing narration.

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Great book made me laugh out loud kept me interested and wanting more well written and narrated worth the listen

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Angel M.

I loved this story! Josie and Mace are so funny and so sweet together! If you're in the mood for a romantic comedy, you've come to the right place. :) As for the narrators, I really enjoyed that this book had both a female and a male narrator for when the chapters switched POVs. The female narrator has a great tone, though sometimes her pacing seems a bit off. The male narrator did a good job as well, but his female voices just made me laugh, those definitely could have been better. Overall, this was still a very enjoyable listening experience and I will definitely look for more audiobooks from this author!

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Debbie H.

Alina Jacob’s In Her Candy Jar is a rollicking good time. Having read the book when it debuted, I was excited to hear it on audio and return to the world of the Svennsons of Harrogate. Mace and Josie are opposites attract/bosshole protagonists that have some obstacles to overcome. Josie is a mess and needs a little help from her friends to get her self together and become the heroine of her own story. She is hired by Svennson PharmaTech and slams into Mace Svennson, her unknown boss, as she walks in the door. Sparks fly from the moment the connection is made that she is his new assistant. Mace is determined to be a success in all areas of his life and he has made great strides to accomplish his goals despite having more than two dozen brothers living with him and countless others bossing him around in the multi-brother business world the Svennsons inhabit. The brothers interfering in his professional life, hiring an assistant, is met with resistance, but Mace is unable to fire Josie due to one of his brother's capital investment in his firm. Mace decides to work around his brother’s directive by getting Josie to quit. Mayhem and strife ensue. Josie, a down on her luck graphic designer, has had one too many disasters fall her way in recent months and finds herself needing a hand and a job. When she falls in with the Svennson clan at PharmaTech, she knows that this is a make or break moment in her life, and with that, is determined to make it no matter what or who gets in her way. It doesn’t take long for Mace and Josie to discover hidden strengths in each other and consequently become attracted and then act on said attraction. Mace and Josie are more compatible than they ever imagined and when Josie embraces the Svennson family, Mace is sure she is the one for him. True love never did run smoothly and so goes the story with Mace and Josie. But after many twists and turns including a tiny house abduction, these two are on the road to their happy ever after. The audio version of this book was enjoyable. I loved Mace in audio; his voice moved through the story at just the right pace and the narrator did a great job keeping the voices of all the Svennson brothers clearly separated. I liked the narration of Josie, her speed was a bit slow for me, but overall, I enjoyed her narration. In Her Candy Jar made the transition to audio very smoothly and I look forward to hearing other books by Alina Jacobs in that format.

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Marie S.

This book was great listening and fabulous narrators, looking forward to more by Alina Jacobs.

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Robin M.

I received the audio version of In Her Candy Jar as an ARC to give an honest review, I read the book when it came out. I loved reading the book and couldn’t wait to listen to it. The story is about Josie & Mace, how they meet, work together and fall in love. Josie is funny, quirky and a bit uncoordinated and a bit unconventional. I certainly relate to uncoordinated. Mace is an uptight, highly structured person who wants control over everything in his life. Alina Jacobs writes their story so well I was giggling out loud, sometimes even gasping out loud (in a good way). They remind me a bit of Lucy and Desi, if the Lucy Show was way more sexy! Some of Mace’s brothers and family are introduced in this first book and you get to know them the hope for future books about them arises. Succinctly, this is a sexy, comical, playful story with a hero, heroine, bad guys and wonderful narrators. I highly recommend this audio book.

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Jennifer B.

I was fortunate enough to snag an audio review copy of this read and fell in love all over again with uptight and rigid Mace and scattered, accident prone Josie. A pair of opposites that come together with a bit of drama and a lot of laughs. Henry also stole my heart in this read. Great dual narration, prefect for these characters and I love the separation, very well done. Smooth and easy to listen to...perfection. Thank you to Jacob's for the opportunity and for writing such a fun romance.

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Melena T.

In Her Candy Jar is the first book - after the prequel - in the Svensson Brothers series. It features Mace and Josie's first interaction isn't great, and then he finds out she is his new assistant. I liked Mace and Josie together and seeing how their relationship grew from that first meeting. The narrators did a great job bringing the characters and story to life. I thought they were really well cast. Alina Jacobs writes such fun, crazy, and entertaining romance, and I can't wait to read more.

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I recieved this audio book as an ARC for an honest review. I want to start saying that I have had already read the book when it came out and loved it. So I was excited to listen to it to if it even compared to what I had going on in my head. And it was far better than I expected. Josie is just the best character. As a women who is stressed out, I can completely understand why she indulged in her candy. It was even cute using it as euphemisms, even when it could be over the top. And Mace, well I love a growly boss to love interest character any day. But he was so passionate. This was the first audio romance I tried out. I will say luckily I have my own private office with a door because I had to close it to cool down. The NSFW parts were definitely NSFW for me lol. I will definitely be partaking in abothe Alina Jacobs audio book. I wish I could give half stars, because the only thing I would say that when it came to Josie vocie, she seemed a little whiney at times from the male narrator. Other than that they were both fantastic.

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