It Ruins Me

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2024
7 hours 7 minutes
I married you because I was in love with you.

Those words have echoed in my mind ever since he said them, and despite the way my heart races for him every time he steps into the same room, I can't say it back. Not after he hurt me. Not after he betrayed me.

Every time I feel us come close together, my heart pulls away. Every time I fantasize about our future children and growing old together, or just living in the moment during a romantic evening, I picture Cassandra walking by… replacing me.

Axel wants to repair our broken relationship and be what we once were, but my resentment is constantly in the way. He says he has something to tell me, a secret I must take to the grave, a secret that could change my life forever…

He says my father forced his hand, forced him to hurt me, forced him to march in there with Cassandra just so he could break us apart. Then he gives me an ultimatum. Believe him and give this marriage a real chance.

Or don't believe him… and leave.
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