Written by:
Peter Benchley
Narrated by:
Erik Steele

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2009
9 hours 40 minutes
With the 1974 publication of the novel Jaws and the release a year later of the film based on the book, an American cultural phenomenon was born. Today, the remarkable bestseller by Peter Benchley still towers as a thrilling classic of suspense, drama, and the eternal conflicts of man against nature … and man against himself.

As the movie continues to broadcast all over the world, entire generations may know the Jaws story only through its cinematic rendition. Those unfamiliar with the literary forerunner are in for a wonderful surprise, for the novel contains many twists of plot and character that were omitted in the film. Peter Benchley’s Jaws is an extraordinary experience of its own, a masterpiece as mesmerizing today as it was in 1974, when it first took us into the watery world of a creature designed by nature to kill … and into the terror it brings from the silent darkness of the deep.
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As Jaws is my favorite movie of all time I figured I’d give this a listen to. I’d honestly give it a 3.5 or a 4 out of 5. The differences between this and the movie aren’t crazy but I can understand why some things were taken out to make the movie more enjoyable. I found it boring at times or uninteresting, still would recommend.

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Edward B.

wow just wow. way way different from the movie.

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Michael W.

Love the movie so I was excited for the audiobook, unfortunately for me I was a little disappointed. Even though I enjoyed the differences from the book to the movie, I feel like the shark is, underwhelming. The narrator is very good too and does a great job with the voices.

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Jordyn R.

It’s simply a classic!

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Matthew Harris

Awesome from first word and beyond it the greatest book I've read

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Kim schlegel

I had been watching the movie since I was a child and given my obsession with sharks I finally read (or listened rather) the book. I thoroughly enjoyed it....worlds better than the movie. I'm so glad I used a credit on it! The narrator was great. The voices used for various characters were clear and concise. His voice is very pleasant to listen to. I especially loved the voice the narrator used for Harry Meadows. I highly recommend!

This title is due for release on April 2, 2009.

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This title is due for release on April 2, 2009
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