The Jim Rohn Legacy Series: Timeless Wisdom on Success and Achievement

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2015
2 hours 44 minutes
Through The Jim Rohn Legacy Series, Chris Widener imparts wisdom and knowledge gained through the seven years he was personally mentored by Rohn. Chris shares his insight on what made Jim Rohn tick and provides an intimate look at the ideas that shaped the career of this motivational legend. This audio program will give you a rare glimpse into the greatness of the man who was hailed as America’s number one business philosopher.

This series includes Chris Widener’s audio recordings on how Jim Rohn personally mentored Chris, along with the historic last recorded interview Rohn ever made:

Seven Years with Jim John: Mentored by a MasterJim Rohn’s three Philosophies for Network Marketing SuccessJim Rohn’s eight Best Success LessonsThe Last Interview with Jim RohnNever before has a set of Rohn’s best ideas been distilled into such a concise collection, like a 2.5-hour spa for the mind. Told by a master storyteller, these ideas will come alive as you seek to apply these success principles to your life. Discover how to significantly improve your business, the top eight principles that will act as a road map in your quest to achieve greatness, and three network marketing philosophies that million-dollar earners use every day.
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