The Junior

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2022
9 hours 8 minutes
Caleb Burke.

Charming. Funny. Sexy.

Major player—both on the field and with the ladies.

I hate him.

Well, not really. I resist his so-called charms because I recognize them. We’re a lot alike, Caleb and I. He’s afraid of commitment? Me too. A giant flirt? Same here. He knows how to party? I am the absolute queen of the party.

Until I realize it’s time for me to grow up and become a responsible adult. I’ll be student teaching next year, so to save money, I move in with my two new roommates—Eli Bennett and Caleb. Then I find a summer job—where Caleb works. Soon, I’m spending almost every single day with the guy.

He’s growing on me too. We’ve always had this unspoken chemistry brewing between us. When we finally give in to it, it’s just as spectacular as I secretly predicted. The sex, and everything else, keeps getting better and better between us too.

But can I really take this guy seriously? Or am I only setting myself up to fail?

This edgy bully romance contains dark scenes some readers may find uncomfortable to read. Reader discretion is advised.
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