Kant and Modern Philosophy

Written by:
J.-M. Kuczynski
Narrated by:
Paul Metcale

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2019
3 hours 7 minutes
Kant's system is stated, analyzed, and duly reconstructed. On this basis, cogent analyses of induction, causation, and scientific method are put forth.
Part 1. The Cogency of Kant's Transcendental Arguments
The ambiguity of the word "concept"
"Synthetic" and "a priori" defined
Kant's conception of a priority and analyticity
Kant's conception of non-analyticity
Kant on the role of paraperceptual ideation in analytical thought
Kant's crypto-empiricism
Arithmetic not a priori
Kant's rearguard empiricism
Why Kant's positions are nonetheless correct
A priori knowledge a prerequisite for a posteriori knowledge
Kant on Hume on Causation
Part 2. The Analogue-Digital Distinction and the Strictly Logical Basis of Induction and Causal
The concept of instantaneousness
Hume's position doubly erroneous
The analogue-digital distinction
The existence of necessary connections of the non-instantaneousness of all spatiotemporal
Temporal order to be understood in terms of causation, not vice versa
The spuriousness of Hume's argument for spontaneous creation
Summary of sections I-VI.
Induction an operation on analogue-content
Perceptual content not digitizable
The spuriousness of Hume's argument for the legitimacy of counterpredictive inductions
The grounds of inductive inference vs. linguistic representations of such grounds
Hume's associationism false with respect to our theories, true only with respect to Hume's
theories about our theories
Some Consequences of our System
The non-probativeness of some of the standard arguments for skepticism
The Kantian roots of this system
These points in relation to the nature of probability
Whitehead and Russell on spatiotemporal order
The crypto-conversativism of epistemic relativism
Chomsky's epistemic conservativism
Ontogenetic a posteriori ? phylogenetic a priori
Chomsky's rationalism actually an extreme form of empiricism
The unconscious
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