Lady Avery and the False Butler

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2024
7 hours 22 minutes
Lady Avery Heywood has never been kissed. She's never had a Season, danced the waltz at a ball, or been in love. The staunch spinster has resigned herself to a loveless existence, where she dutifully raises her brother's four children and cares for an ageing aunt. But Avery yearns to break free from the shackles of her humdrum existence. Determined to check off each item on her list of unfulfilled dreams, she turns to her butler for assistance. Little does she know that beneath her butler's unassuming demeanor lies a secret that could forever alter their destinies.

As Avery and her enigmatic butler navigate the bewildering world of high society and its glittering balls, their worlds collide in a tumultuous dance of mixed identities and hidden desires. But as class lines blur and danger looms, she wonders: Who is Jerkins, really? Servant, lord, rakehell . . . or perhaps even a daring highwayman?

Before long, Avery finds herself tumbling into a splendid adventure of mistaken identity, danger, and intrigue. In this lively and romantic tale of love against all odds, Avery will discover that true passion can be found with the most unexpected of people . . .
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