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Left Holding The Bag: A Watchdog's Account of How Washington Fumbled It's Covid Test

Written by:
Bob Westbrooks
Narrated by:
Tim Andres Pabon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2023
7 hours 41 minutes
Inside the largest public fraud scandal in American history

With a mask-wearing nation under stay-at-home orders while a deadly virus ravaged the population, during toilet paper and PPE shortages and people dying alone in ICUs, before vaccines and immunity and time reopened the American way of life after three years—the federal government, through six hastily written COVID-19 relief laws provided the largest infusion of emergency relief spending in US history.

The federal government distributed an unfathomable $5 trillion, through a jumble of federal programs in the hundreds, to a menagerie of recipients in the millions. Programs were poorly designed and easily exploited by unscrupulous operators. Competing crises soon distracted the nation, while homegrown and global pirates looted federal pandemic relief programs and plundered roughly $500 billion in relief funds—that’s your money that was stolen.

This audiobook is a behind-the scenes look at this extraordinary time, the federal government’s unprecedented response, and the exemplary work of the inspectors general and their federal law enforcement partners as they followed the money, flagged fraud risks, disrupted fraud schemes, and chased bad guys through a stunning true crime wave.

Our country literally can’t afford another financial hit like this, and Westbrooks provides a blueprint to help ensure it never happens again.

“The American people deserve to know that their tax dollars are being spent as intended. My message to those cheats out there is this: You can’t hide. We’re going to find you. We’re going to make you pay back what you stole and hold you accountable under the law.” – President Joe Biden
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Blue Skies Truth Radio

I'm 3 hours into this and like a bad train wreck, I can't turn away. It's already sunk cost, I might as well finish it now. One of the worst books I've read/listened to in decades. Complete biased bs. Orange man bad, biden and fauci are the heroes. If you watched CNN at the height of the pandemic then you don't need to listen to this book. This is total propaganda nonsense. I am upset that I wasted money on this trash.

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John H.

This is primarily a narrative of the unprecedented amount of spending the US Government did during COVID, how it was misallocated, misspent, ineffectual and created an irrespirable fraud opportunities for individuals and companies all over the world. I was looking for a book on the way Dr. Fauci, the CDC and other so called experts made all the wrong decisions on masking and shutting down the country. Generations now and to will be adversely affected by Faucs's dictums.

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Was an interesting listen, at least the parts about all the fraud during the pandemic, but i was surprised to hear such wildly incorrect information around vaccines remain in a book that was released this year. I would have thought corrections would have been made. Glad it was only a VIP freebie.

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