Lethal Guardian

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: M. William Phelps

Narrated By: J. Charles

Date: May 2008

Duration: 13 hours 28 minutes


Family Feud
A real estate lawyer in Connecticut’s moneyed seaside communities, Beth Ann Carpenter, 30, had beauty, brains, and success. But she wanted more—namely guardianship of her two-year-old niece, Rebecca, daughter of Beth’s estranged sister, Kim. When Kim married Anson “Buzz” Clinton, 28, a former male exotic dancer deemed an unsuitable guardian by the Carpenter family, Beth Ann became obsessed with the idea that only his death could ensure that she and her parents would get custody of the child. On March 10, 1994, along a lonely stretch of road, Clinton was shot five times. His body was discovered by passing motorists.Misfit Murderers
Behind Clinton’s death lay a bizarre murder-for-hire conspiracy that found privileged professionals and local misfits joined in a cold-blooded plot against an innocent man. This homicidal group included attorney Haiman Clein, 52. A husband, father, and successful businessman, Clein was Beth Ann Carpenter’s boss—and also her sexually-obsessed, cocaine-snorting, murderously obedient lover. The paid killers were two buddies, organizer Joe Fremut and triggerman Mark Despres, who brought his 15-year-old son Christopher along for the hit. The aftermath of this brutal crime would set investigators and prosecutors on a long and twisted path strewn with lies, treachery, and deceit that would cross the Atlantic Ocean before finally bringing justice home.


  • Rebekah H

    I agree with the first review..... it took me a while to want to restart the book once I stopped (Cold Mountain did they same to me) but once things start to unfold you become inamored with the really life Springer episode going on!!! I know other people do not like the narrator however he does not both me. I remember he is reading what is written and he isn’t an actor but I think every audio book should be ready by James Earl Jones and that would make EVERY book better!!!

  • Carmel S

    *WARNING THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS* Giving this four stars because the story is mind-boggling. If this were fiction, you'd say it was too preposterous to be believable, and yet, all of it really happened. The problem I have is the same one I always have with Phelps as a writer. He just isn't a very good one. He manages to find these amazing stories full of the most outlandish characters who have walked the earth, doing jaw-dropping things, and somehow manages to make them boring. In this story, you've got substance-abusing, orgy-loving lawyers, a beautiful redhead who men apparently couldn't stop giving money and gifts to, a former male exotic dancer, a family that makes the Mansons look normal, and a sleazebag killer-for-hire who keeps his son from school so they can get high together. Really? And yet, I almost didn't finish because it was such a snoozer. Once it gets going, the story picks up steam and justice is finally served, and the true sadness of this case comes to the forefront. So there's your four stars.

Lethal Guardian

by M. William Phelps

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Lethal Guardian, M. William Phelps
Lethal Guardian, M. William Phelps
This title is due for release on May 29, 2008.

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Lethal Guardian, M. William Phelps
This title is due for release on May 29, 2008
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Lethal Guardian, M. William Phelps
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Lethal Guardian, M. William Phelps

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