Written by:
Fiona Cole
Narrated by:
Brian Pallino , Ava Erickson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
6 hours 32 minutes
He was my uncle's friend, and I was too young for him. But in the heat of the moment, against the wall in a darkened hallway of an illicit club, none of those things mattered. It was just one night of giving in to what we both wanted. I never expected to see him two years later, sitting across me during a family dinner, encouraging me to do my internship for his business. On day one we both agree that repeating that night would be a mistake. But it's a mistake we can't help but make again and again. The rules are simple. We can't tell my uncle. We have to be content with our hotel rendezvous. And we won't fall in love. But we both know we're liars.
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Jocelyne G.

This is the fifth book in the Voyeur Series. I loved it! Kent and Olivia's forbidden romance is beautifully written, emotional, sensual, and steamy. This is a great age gap romance. If you like forbidden romance, this one is for you. Brian Pallino and Ava Erickson did a great job with the narration.

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Patricia R.

Taboo is one of my favorite tropes, and who better to bring it than Fiona Cole? Age Gap, Uncle's best friend, boss, it can't get better than this, and Cole gives us a steamy couple, written in a way that makes you root for the the couple! Kent and Olivia met one night in Voyeur. Little did they know their paths would cross again, and their explosive chemistry would turn into love! When Olivia comes home for a family dinner and sees Kent sitting at the table, she is taken by surprise! She accepts an internship with his company and the two are in constant contact. Will they be able to resist? And how will the family take it? So much emotion packed into this one, it's fast paced and exciting! Olivia may be young, but she knows what she wants. Her boldness is scary at times, and other times I found her slightly frustrating. Kent is cautious, but oh so swoony. I was on their side from the start! Smartly written with characters we know, the story is hot, passionate and romantic. I love this series and this book is fantastic! Ava Erickson and Brian Pallino are the perfect fit for these two. Ava has a young voice, and she melds right into Olivia. She has a fearlessness that is unbounded at times, and Ava captures her essence flawlessly. Pallino is Kent. Hesitant, seductive, alpha, he encompasses all the traits and creates an amazing personality for Kent. These two are fabulous together and its a great listen.

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Clare D.

If you like your romances forbidden with a hefty age age, a lot of sneaking around and a dose of angst, then Liar might be for you. This was a quick read and although I think Olvia showed her youth quite a lot with her behaviour, I enjoyed this a lot. The tension, the connection the dirty talk, all wins for me. I'm glad I persevered and finished this series. I recommend it if you like your romances hot and dark

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Nanda Rabelo

⭐⭐⭐⭐ dominating stars! My friends knows that age gap isn't my thing at all... 10 years between the main couple is my hard limit and anything over that gap, I'll just fake dementia, and keep it to 10 anyway.

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