Lost Without You

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2020
6 hours 45 minutes

Tommy and I grew up together in a foster home that nearly killed us both. We loved each other with our whole hearts until the world tore us apart. And now I’m in the back seat of his car, and he won’t tell me where he’s taking me.

As the days pass, one thing is clear: the attraction between us is as powerful as ever. His kisses are still sweet. His touch is irresistible. But I don’t know if the boy I loved is going to save me or ruin me.


One last job and my debt to the dangerous man who holds my life in his hands will be paid, my slate wiped clean. To save my life, I have to kidnap Beth, the only woman I ever loved, and deliver her to the one person who wants to destroy her.

She's just as sweet and beautiful as I remember, and resisting her is impossible. But falling for her again could get us both killed.
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