Love Code

Written by:
Ann Aguirre
Narrated by:
Sarah Puckett

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2021
7 hours 51 minutes
He's cute. He's cranky. His code is sleek as hell.

What's an amnesiac AI doing in a place like this? Helix has no idea. He knows he planned to build a life for himself on Gravas Station, but he has no clue what he's been doing for the last half cycle. Nor does he understand why his ship crashed. A genius Tiralan scientist saved him by copying his code into an organic host, and after meeting her meddling mothers, it seems like his problems have only just begun . . .

She's clever. She's creative. She claims that he's her mate.

Qalu has no interest in relationships. She'd much rather be working in her lab, innovating instead of socializing. Problem is, the Tiralan believe that one cannot be happy alone. When a solution literally falls from the sky, she leaps at the opportunity to advance her research and teach Helix how to be Tiralan while calming her mothers' fears. It might be unconventional, but she's ready to break all the rules for a little peace.

They agree to pose as each other's mates for the most logical reasons, but love always finds a way.

Contains mature themes.
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