Love, Sincerely Yours

Written by:
Meghan Quinn , Sara Ney

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2018
7 hours 47 minutes
Dear Mister.. . . no, too formal.

Hey there sweet cheeks. . . no, too forward.

*Clears throat*

To whom it may concern,

Full disclosure; before we move forward with this email, I would like it to be known that I have consumed an adequate amount of alcoholic beverages to intoxicate myself tonight. Three margaritas, two shots, and one beer--because it was free.

I think it's important to be open and honest with your co-workers, don't you?

So here I am, being open and honest. Drunk but honest. Or just drunk with lust? You decide.

I have a hopeless, foolish, schoolgirl crush on you when you are the last person on earth I should be falling for. Did you know people around the office call you a sadist? An egomaniac. An insensitive, arrogant prick. But what they don't know is your bark is worse than your bite. And that bite doesn't scare me. The fact is, I'd love that bite of yours to nip at my bare skin while we're both wearing nothing but sheets.

For once I want you to look at me as more than one of your employees.

And as long as we're being honest, that navy blue suit you wear? With the crisp white shirt? It really makes me want to loosen your tie and show you exactly who's boss.



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Nadene R.

This book tickled my funny bone at a time when I needed some laughter in my life. It had me in stitches for most of the book. Imagine working for a hot guy who happens to be a workaholic and has no idea you exist until the day you tendered your resignation. You have a humongous crush on him but alas he doesn’t see you and even if he did, there is that rule of no fraternisation between employees. So what is a girl to do? While in a drunken stupor with the help of your friends, you write an anonymous email telling him you want to bang him. You can imagine how that went down. Rome’s reaction to the email was downright hilarious. One moment he is chastising the anonymous perpetrator via email then next he is curious to know the persons identify. His best friend eggs him on to respond to the email and there the exchange of emails began. Rome attempts to figure out the person behind the emails was fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions between Rome and Peyton whether it be through their emails or face to face. Peyton is fun loving and not afraid to speak her mind as Rome would discover. His employees saw him has an arrogant, sadistic and an egomaniac. They never had the privilege to meet the real Rome who happens to kind, caring, confident, tenacious and suffered from a tinge of insecurity. Sometimes he appeared a bit uptight. I did not like how he did not know of his employees. He never had a clue who Peyton was until the day she tendered her resignation. Despite this, I admired his work ethic. He is the type of person who is not afraid to go after what he wants. The character that helped to make this a delightful read was Hunter, Rome’s best friend. He was like the annoying brother you cannot help but love. He is not afraid to show Rome the error of his ways. I enjoyed their interaction, which was tinged with humour. I would love to some background information as it relates to the main characters. I knew Rome’s desire to be successful drove him to work hard. What I would love to know is what drove his desire for success and why he felt he had to be so hard on those in his employ. As it relates to Peyton, I knew she wanted to be her own boss, but I was not privy to what motivated her. He and Peyton were perfect together. She brought out the best in him. Helped him to loosen up and revealed a side of him few had the privilege of seeing. Narration This is my first time listening to the narrators. I enjoyed listening to the female narrator. I thought she captured both the male and female voices well. Her transitions between the voices were seamless. The voices for each character were distinct. Unfortunately, my experience with the male narrator did not go so well. I was listening at a speed of 1.25x but he sounded like he was narrating at a higher speed. I disliked his female voice. His time was the same for all the females and it came off as nasal and whiny. He was not an easy listen. Conclusion/Recommendation I ended Love, Sincerely, Yours on a satisfying note. If you are looking for a fun and sexy listen that will have you laughing throughout the story, then get yourself a copy of Love, Sincerely, Yours

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Sara K.

Alexander Cendese and Ava Erickson were exactly who I envisioned for these two characters. Now, Rome didn’t sound as “businessman” as I expected but man did I love that voice of his! I wasn’t too thrilled with Hunter’s voice... he kind of sounded like a really young surfer dude. Also, please have Ava do the female parts... even in the middle of Alexander’s section. He doesn’t do female voices that well and I giggled every time he did. Ava Erickson was complete perfect. Can I just get this woman to be my Siri voice... she can read my grocery list and the medication side effects. I could listen to her all day long! Love Sincerely Yours was just the perfect romance to leave you laughing and swooning! The storyline was so light-hearted... an enemies to lovers office romance. Peyton and Rome were the perfect match. Their wit and back and forth banter was hysterical. Peyton has a way of chipping off Rome’s rough exterior. Rome was so passionate and loving once you got that hard shell chipped off. When you have two amazingly funny and creative authors that team up and create a romance story that hits all the right places you can’t help but tear through the entire book like the device was going to explode!!!!!!! Meghan Quinn is on a roll with these knock out books that I can’t help but compulsively read. Sara Ney adds this special little something, something to every story. Having them team up together and produce such fun and witty made my entire month! They both have such a raw talent. I really hope this duo gives us many more books!

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DNF! Can't stand male narrator...really, really bad. This is a total waste.

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Martie H.

Awesome book! a must read!

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Caryn B.

A fun modern day love story, a good read.

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Karen G.

This forbidden office romance was funny, clever, and captivating. Peyton has always been invisible to her sexy boss. Now that she is venturing out on her own, she gets the courage to make a move, in the form of an anonymous dirty text! Rome has built his company from the ground up, and has become very uptight, making work his life. He never noticed the smart, sexy woman who has given her two weeks notice before. Now she's all he thinks about along with the suggestive texts as he tries to figure them both out. Peyton is strong and sassy and even though she wants to be seen by Rome, she won't let him intimidate her. She sees past his hard exterior to the brief glimpses of vulnerability. Their hilarious texts and slow-burn romance kept me totally engaged. It was fun watching Rome loosen up and learn to live again. I especially loved his banter with his best friend, Hunter! Narrators Ava Erickson, and Alexander Cendese made this romance even sweeter and sexier. They did an amazing job with the witty banter, and bringing this playful, moving, sexy romance to life!

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Hana F.

Very cute. Easy to listen to. Really like the narrators.

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Sophie K.

Audiobook review: Love, Sincerely, Yours is a fun & flirty frolicsome listen. The enticing synopsis & prologue reeled me in & the narrative kept me enamored. In a flash I was head of heels with its witty, flirty banter, and the confidential emails exchanged between the two characters, while their face to face interactions were less than desirable. Brute and CEO, Rome, voiced by Alexander Cendese and Social Media and Marketing maven Peyton, narrated by Ava Erickson brought this story to life and played off each other beautifully. I absolutely loved this priceless listen.

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Lisa O.

I really enjoyed this audiobook! Both Peyton and Rome are interesting characters with strong minds and expectations! Both tended to make rash decisions! For example, Peyton choosing to resign from her job without clients set up for her own business and Rome believing the worst of Peyton before truly thinking of her character. I really loved Hunter too! His shenanigans were comical! Both narrators were excellent and allowed you to really feel the emotional connection of the characters! Great read!

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Marina M.

I haven't read/listened to Sara Ney books before but Meghan Quinn is one of my very favorite authors. So deciding to pick this book was super easy. And I really enjoyed the story.In the end, I ended up changing between listening and reading as I simply couldn't put the book down. It was lighthearted, fun, romantic and even a little bit heartbreaking story. The two main characters were definitely entertaining, especially when Peyton is under the influence and Rome is not in control of what is happening around him :D Both of these created some quite hilarious and sometimes steamy encounters :D Both Peyton and Rome are intriguing characters. Where Peyton is easy going, thoughtful and caring, Rome is a tyrant at work and doesn't show his softer side to just anyone. Only the closest people to him see his tender and caring heart. The one he guards with everything he has. And his trust issues don't really contribute to an easy relationship. So it is not a surprise that Peyton and Rome's relationship hits a bump or two on the road. Regarding the narration of the story. I pretty much enjoyed it. Especially the female narrator. She was just incredible and in my opinion fit Peyton to a T. The male narrator wasn't exactly my idea of how Rome would sound but even with that, I think he did a pretty good job. Ultimately, this was a really good read/listen and I would definitely recommend it. I can't wait for the next book and Hunter's story. Plus, I really need to know who is the snitch :D

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Jacqueline S.

Meghan Quinn has always been a favorite of mine and when she teams up with Sara Ney I just know I'm in for an awesome ride. The book itself: The plot is well written, easy to follow, and kept me entertained the entire time. It was such an adorable story; you will laugh, tear up, and smile like crazy the entire time you're reading/listening to it. I also enjoyed how this book wasn't insta love even though one of the characters had a huge crush on the other for a long time. We see the character go from semi-hate to love and I really enjoyed that aspect of the storyline. Their banter and interactions were everything and it made this entire novel ten times more than it already was! The narration: I loved, loved, loved the narration of the heroines voice. It fit Peyton's character and personality and her voice allowed me to connect with the overall character easily. The heroes voice was good but I did not love it. My only issue (and unfortunately it was a big issue) was his voice for the heroine. It was annoying a lot of the times and turned me off to the narration at times. It wasn't enough to deter me from listening to the rest of the book, but it was enough of an issue to stay at the forefront of my mind. Overall, I enjoyed this audiobook so much! I'm looking forward to listening/reading Hunter's book in the future!!!

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Narration: I liked the heroines voice over, the heroes narration when it came to h voice over, it was a tad bit annoying. But I got used to eventually. I'm not sure if it was just my app, but the audio would cut in out for more than half the book, which made it tough for me to listen much further. I’ve definitely been anticipating this book once I heard it was being released! I’m a huge fan of Sara Ney and have read few of Meghan Quinn’s book, so I knew we’d all be in for a treat with this one. I was a bit surprised with the slower pace it took to finally get to all the romantic stuff, but I still found this pretty damn hilarious and rather enjoyable! If anyone is fans of these two authors, it seems nearly impossible to not enjoy this one. Probably one of my favorite parts about this book was the banter between Rome and Peyton especially the emails they wrote each other. Even when Rome didn’t know who his mystery pen pal was for a while. Yes, we all know that Rome was going to be a grade-A d-bag and thankfully it wasn’t overboard or I’d probably find zero redeeming qualities in the guy. Peyton really got him to open up and I loved seeing that side of him. And I absolutely loved Peyton, can we all have a friend like her? I really enjoyed the fact that she was branching out to start her own business, even though her boss’s boss was the absolute worst, she admired the fact that he started a successful company from the ground up all on his own. I can’t say that I connected with Rome, but let’s just talk about the awesome bromance he has with Hunter. Usually the best friend can be a bad influence, but I loved him a lot more than I thought I would. He definitely surprised me since he seems to think through things better than his hot-headed BFF, Hunter. I really enjoyed this and am sooo looking forward to the next book they write together. We get a glimpse of it at the end and I’m rather eager to read it!

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Laura L.

I am a longtime fan of books featuring the exchanges between two characters via correspondences, be it e-mail or text, in the beginning stages of a relationship. Listening to this book had me giggling, cringing at times, and even blushing a bit! Tough guy and CEO, Rome, voiced by Alexander Cendese and Social Media and Marketing maven Peyton, narrated by Ava Erickson brought this story to life and played off each other beautifully; making this listener wish I could be a part of their world. I was immediately absorbed with its witty, flirty banter, in confidential emails exchanged between the two characters, while their face to face interactions were less than desirable. While they seemed to loath one another in person, they secretly couldn’t stand to be away. They were characters that were real, down to earth, confident and relatable. Most of us know that work crushes can be the best and the worst, especially when the object of your affection doesn’t know you exist. So, what could possibly go wrong when your crush finds out your true identity? Even more importantly, what happens when he is your boss? Well, that is for you to find out! I can guarantee you will enjoy every minute of it. As Always, Happy Reading! “5/5 Beaming Brains!”

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Sarah V.

Sarah’s Review: I loved this book. I just wish the secret would have been a little longer to add to the build. However I found myself laughing out loud as several parts. Where I was getting dirty looks from some parents at a class since I was a little loud. I love this duo’s writing together. I think they feed off each other in equal parts since I’ve read them alone as well. I give it 4 stars for sure!

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Sallie M.

Going into the audiobook I wasn't sure what to expect. I had not read this story yet. It was a slow build at the beginning. The female voice was pretty basic and dull. I have a hard time trying to actually follow. When the reading continues and the man's voice picks up it was a shock at first because I didn't realize it would be read by both male and female. This helps follow the story online and to differentiate between the difference of narration. The female voice just wasn't what I wanted it to be. She last certain things with her sounds. I noticed sarcasm what something she could not read and give the listener. She does however redeem herself to my ears when she reads the characters distress amazingly. The man's voice was the best to me. He was on point and keep the follow going. I gave this audiobook four stars because I believed with the dual points of view the story keeps the listener more engrossed in the action.

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Lynn R.

It took me a little while to warm up to this story. Part of that was due to the fact that I decided that this was one of those stories where the book should come first and then listen to the narrators tell me what I didn't pick up/missed by reading what our authors have written. This is not a story where I would try to decide what author wrote what for me they are one. If you can't decide who did what than you know that these authors are good at what they do. And in the end, it's the story that I care about. They get me to think of the male character as a real jerk and applauding the female character for having the cajones to start something that most of us wouldn't. Mr. Cendese didn't have me picturing Peyton when he's attempting to read the female parts. It took a little while but once I thought of him mimicking her than it made it easier. However, he was great in the part of Rome. I had no trouble thinking of him as egotistical and one of those with the invisible mirror - or a king lauding over his minions. Ms. Erickson is a pleasure to listen to and I have no trouble thinking of Peyton when she's talking. She also does a good job when reading the male characters. They did get me to laugh a time or two - and that's never a bad thing. But I wasn't ready for the book to end. They made my commute much easier but I can always listen to this audiobook more than once. Ms. Ney and Ms. Quinn have a new fan. I loved how seamlessly their scenes seemed to be. Everything flowed nicely until I got to the Epilogue. I'm left feeling that there's another story here. I just have to put on my Sherlock hat and do some investigating. In the meantime, I can go through their other works so I can get to know them better. I voluntarily reviewed an Audiobook copy of this book.

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Nicole H.

I read an ARC of this one, so I was excited to see how the audiobook compared to that. I loved the female narrator, but the male narrator drove me absolutely nuts most of the time, especially when he did Peyton's (and even Hunter's) voice. I'm giving this 3 out of 5 stars, taking off a star for his voice. Regardless of his voice, I did love the story once again. It's cute, and I really like these characters. The book is pretty swoony. Peyton is one of my favorite characters, and I'd love to be friends with her.

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Taneesha F.

I had the pleasure of listening to this book on audio. It was Narrated By: Alexander Cendese, and Ava Erickson. To say I loved this book is an understatement because I laughed so hard while listening to these two read to me. This is a funny story to begin with because I mean let's face it a gorgeous boss that is rude, ruthless, and stern as hell with his employees what is there not to love. It starts out with them in the meeting room working on campaign ideas. Peyton is daydreaming about her boss and how sexy he is. But then he opens his mouth and she realizes what an arse he is. I mean he is so damn rude I wanted to jump through my computer and slap the shizz out of him. Peyton gives her two week notice to Rome and he is so effing rude to her but she sticks to her guns and is nice to him. Then the unthinkable happens she sends him an email that changes everything between them. I have to say that this rom-com is so effing hilarious you will be laughing your arse off. So go ahead and one click it on

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Sara W.

I was provided a copy of Love, Sincerely Yours for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinion are my own. I have had the line “we're gonna bang, we’re gonna bang, we’re gonna bang.” going through my head since I Heard Ava Erickson sing song it.  It’s like a song I can’t get out of my head. Gah! LOL.   First off, this story is super cute.  I loved Peyton she is sassy and smart, and I could easily see myself being BFF with her.  I honestly didn’t get her attraction to Rome, he is a prick on an epic level, but to each there own.  He did redeem himself a bit once they started going, but I still didn’t get it.  I would have strangled him with one of his ties.  But the boardroom scene addressing foreplay.  OMG level 10 hot, I wish there would have been a sex scene to follow.  I think my phone and ears would have caught on fire! I would have loved this audiobook had it been narrated as a duet, but then I always feel that way.  It is just the format I prefer, and it's rarely done.  I loved Ava Erickson in this, and I have listened to her before she is just awesome.  I thought Alexander Cendese was great in the male roles but his “female voice” threw me off, and I didn’t like it at all. Overall this was a fun listen, and I will be looking for more from Both of these authors.  I am rating Love, Sincerely Yours the audiobook 4 Boundless Stars. 

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Melody M.

As you can tell I have been dragging my feet about writing about Love, Sincerely, Yours. The beginning was a little rough. We have Peyton who works for Rome, and has a serious crush. I would expect the email to come from someone just out of college or is interning. The first half of the story was rough for me. However, when Peyton leaves her job, and gets to know Rome more on a business level, the story gets so much better. I didn't have to muddle through there anonymous emails. Actually she was anonymous. I'm not going to lie, the word banged me. There were other words, and Peyton used bang. Anyway, I digress. Even though the story had a rough start me, I did start to enjoy the story. However, there were a few things that kind bothered me. There was a major thing that made the plot moved, but they never reveled the source of the issue. Or if it was so minor that I didn't notice it. I liked Peyton. Even though her drunk email kind of annoyed me, but I liked that she was confident once she left working for Rome. The banter between the two of them did a get a lot more fun. Now Rome. He sounded like a douchebag at the beginning, and his friend Hunter didn't help his cause. However, I did like when Rome would be like, why are we even friends. Overall, not a bad story. The story kind of reminded me of Sara Ney's How To Date A Douchebag which I have a lot of fun with those ones. I think Rome's best friend would be a fun one to follow. The thought of being with one girl would probably give him hives. On to the narrating which we have Alexander Cendese, and Ava Erickson. It's always hard to enjoy both narrators in a dual reading. It's possible, but hard. In dual readings you always have someone that outshines the other. In this case Ava Erickson definitely outshines in her sections. Her transition were spot on. However, her counterpart Alexander Cendese did all right. He wasn't the best, and the transition were a little rough. I didn't like his girl voice, he made Peyton sound like a valley girl. Did grow on me, but I much have rather listen to Ava Erickson read the whole story instead, even though it was written in a dual point of views.

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Jackie W.

This was so much fun to listen to after previously reading Love, Sincerely Yours. Wow what a great match for a joint romantic comedy both Sara Ney and Meghan Quinn are very talented funny authors in their own right but together they are awesome ........ An office romance with plenty of emotions from Rome and Peyton this slow burn that builts up to an explosive office bang kept me captivated from the very first pagesnd there was no putting down until I had read the last one, I loved the constant banter between the characters and at times I laughed so much I had stitches ( be warned don’t drink tea whilst listening to this book). Love, Sincerely, Yours wil make you giggle it will make you laugh and it will leave you smiling like a Cheshire Cat so do yourself a favour and one click one of the funniest books I have read and listened to this year. Hoping this pair will write more books together because they certainly do it well The narrators did a great job and really bought the characters to life and the witty banter was just perfect. I loved reading this book but I loved listening to it even more.

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Ariadna B.

I really enjoyed this story. Meghan Quinn and Sara Ney make for a great co-writing duo. The story was fun, light, and thoroughly entertaining. There was of course just enough sexiness and steam in this romance make it something right up my alley. The double dose of wit brought by these two authors more than shows in the dialogue and I giggled my way through this classic alpha male realized smart, gorgeous girl is alive and ripe for the taking story. Narration was done by Ava Erickson and Alexander Cendese. Ava Erickson is one of my go-to narrators so I loved everything about her performance. Alexander Cendese’s not entirely so. His attempts at a “female” voice fell short for me. Also, I’m not sure why, but it almost sounded as if he was shouting and ultimately doesn’t make the hero sound or come off as likable. I think this is an example where casting got it half right. 3.5 Stars.

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Stefanie L.

I absolutely loved the banter in this book. I believe that is what drew me in the most. The storyline was so awesome. I would be laughing so hard sometimes I would have to pause so I wouldn't miss anything. The narration was perfect and brought the story to life even more.

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Liz T.

I read Love, Sincerely Yours by Sara Ney and Meghan Quinn when it was first released and absolutely loved it. I did not think the story could be any better and then I listened to the audiobook. I loved it even more if you can believe it! Ava Eriksson and Alexander Cendese were perfect as Peyton and Rome. They truly brought this story to life for me even more. And Alexander Cendese, he was the perfect Rome. He nailed Rome. This story brought together the amazing writing of two great authors. Sara Ney’s slow burning romance with witty banter and Meghan Quinn’s romcom feel good stories! I wanted to just keep listening to this story and ignore the world! I cannot begin to express how much fun this story was to listen too. Peyton has lusted over her boss for a long time, but he is so focused on his business that he does not notice much about the world around him. When Peyton finds herself leaving the company, she makes an impression on him both in person and online. All of a sudden, he is noticing more than he ever planned for. I loved the chemistry between Rome and Peyton. Peyton was sweet, smart and full of sass. Rome was moody and grouchy, at the start, but I loved seeing him come out of his shell throughout the story. Listening to Love, Sincerely Yours by Sara Ney and Meghan Quinn was so much fun! I loved getting lost listening and smiled the entire time. I cannot recommend this book, either reading or listening, any more if I tried. This is a must-read/listen! Listened and reviewed for Reviews From The Heart! Happy listening!

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Ashley D.

I love audio books and how the narrators bring a story to life. I am always bummed when I have to stop a book to do something; so being able to listen to one is the best. I love these two authors and was super excited to get a book co-written by them. Love, Sincerely, Yours was a fun fast paced office romance that I devoured. This book was such a fun read with some steamy moments. Peyton has had a crush on her boss from the moment she saw him. He has never once paid her any attention and around the office is not liked. He is rude and arrogant. One night she decides to let him know just what she really thinks of him in an email. Rome is arrogant and doesn’t pay any attention to his employees. He stays in his office and doesn’t really leave except for meetings. After receiving an email he doesn’t know what to think or what to do. The email has intrigued him but he has no clue who its from and is determined to find out. The emails continue to go back and forth for a little while, while he tries to figure out who it is. The banter between these characters was perfect. The emails back and forth were the perfect addition to this fun swoon worthy story. I loved this book so much and highly recommend it.

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Angelica Q.

Audiobook Review: 4 Stars If you could sum up Love, Sincerely, Yours in three words, what would they be? Funny slow burn!! What did you like best about this story? I loved how a crazy drunk email was the beginning of one crazy and an awesome new relationship for Rome and Payton. What about Ava Erickson & Alexander Cendese’s performance did you like? Ava’s performance for Peyton was p-eh-rfect!! I loved her feminine voice and the spark she put into Payton’s personality, making the whole audiobook so awesome. Alexander’s narration was good, I mean, I had to get used to his voice but I ended up enjoying him because his voice for Rome was great, it was his female voices that I didn’t like very much. Would you consider the audio edition of Love, Sincerely, Yours to be better than the print version? I think of the audio as a perfect companion for the print version. This is the kind of books I’d like to read again in the future and the best wait to do it is by listening to the audiobook, so I’m glad it’ll be available for any time I wanna repeat it. Any additional comments? If you are looking for a Rom-Com, with a funny and intelligent heroine, and a moody and sexy hero, then Love, Sincerely. Yours is exactly what you are looking for. 100% recommended..

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Jen V.

I read the ebook of Love Sincerely Yours and pronounced it "Best. Office. Romance. EVER!" back in October, and listening to the audiobook version? Well, it merely reiterated what I already knew: Best. Office. Romance. EVER!!! (Note the additional exclamation points.) I have no clue if Sara Ney and Meghan Quinn have any future plans of working together again, but I would be seriously disappointed if this was a one-and-done sort of thing. They clearly work well as a writing unit and seem to have similar senses of humor based on their previous solo work and this joint effort. But if this is a one-time deal only, then talk about leaving quite an impression! We've got ourselves Peyton Lévêque who happens to have one heck of a crush on her boss, the strikingly handsome yet seriously surly Rome Blackburn. That crush has remained a secret of sorts, limited only to her closest friends...that is, until her thirtieth birthday and a bit of (a whole lot of!) liquid courage has her kinda-sorta-maybe confessing said crush to Rome via email...ANONYMOUSLY. Once she's sober and far more in control of herself, Peyton realizes how this could be really bad should her boss ever find out who "LSY" is, but once Rome starts engaging with her via email, all bets are off. This'll either end in a clusterf*ck or be f*ckingly amazing. I already loved this story Sara Ney and Meghan Quinn-penned from the get-go, but the narration of Ava Erickson and Alexander Cendese gave it that extra bit of something that it may not have needed but it definitely deserved. I've listened to these two in past audiobooks, but this is the first time I've listened to them together, and Erickson and Cendese have proven to be just like Ney and Quinn--a combined force to be reckoned with. I've listened to a whole slew of audiobooks this year, and Love Sincerely Yours absolutely ranks as one of my favorites (so far...hey, there are still a couple of weeks left in 2018!). I'm giving this audiobook five-plus stars. ♥

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Chantale D.

I absolutely loved this book. I was hooked on the story right away and just couldn’t stop listening. I loved the narrators . They weren’t talking too fast or slow. I will be listening to this one again for sure.

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Jen Z.

I actually read this book before I listened to the audio version. I'll start with my story review This book was so much fun. Essentially, one of my dream duos announces a book and I NEED to read it. I wasn't disappointed at all. The banter had me laughing out loud and garnering some strange looks from those around me. I really enjoy a goofy heroine and a miserable hero. Peyton has been crushing on Rome forever and after she gave her notice, she really gave no F%#ks. I just sat back and watched the cat & mouse game play out. And while I loved those two, I looked forward to the scenes when Hunter was around because that guy is hilarious and he just knows how to handle people. This was angsty rom com at it's finest.' Let's talk about the narrators: Ava Erickson was perfection. She absolutely nailed Peyton perfectly! Alexander is a fairly new narrator to me. At first, I felt as though he was reading a bit fast, but once I got used to his style, he was very Rome-like. :)

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Kari G.

After a few drinks too many and some coaxing from her besties they convince Peyton to write an anonymous email to her boss Rome to let him know she has been crushing on him. No harm, no foul as she will be leaving the company in a couple of weeks and besides he will never know who it was from. Rome lives and breathes his company and he expects everyone that he employees to do the same. He is oblivious to women in general and especially his female employees so when he receives the email he wants to know who has the nerve to send it and figures the best way to track down the sender is to engage. I loved the back and forth emails between the two as they find it so much easier to flirt and get to know each other through a computer than in person. It is only a matter of time until he finds out who he was flirting with and that is when the fun really begins. Fun and flirty I loved these two together. They are complete opposites, but she manages to get him to see there is more to life than work and he lights her fire like no one else. Now I really need his best friend’s Hunter’s story. I did enjoy the narration of Ava Erickson the female voice of Alexander Cendese definitely took some adjusting to.

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Ashley S.

Oh this was just what I needed after the month i've had!!! I needed a good RomCom and this one was perfect! The narrators done an amazing job bringing these characters to life. It was very funny and i loved that Peyton was the only person that seen the other side of Rome!

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Pavlina M.

Omg I devour it, this book was fantastic!I have so much fun while I was listening to it!This is an enemies to lovers story and it was funny,heartwarming,lighthearted,sweet and fast paced.The narrator did an amazing job and it was fitting to the story. I enjoyed Peyton and Rome.Their banter was amazing, I loved that they were arguing most of the time!They were perfect for each other.Peyton is cute and lovable.I find her really funny. I need more books from this duo!!The writing was beautiful,the characters well developed and the plot was fantastic.

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Amanda C.

It was very funny!

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Patricia R.

I was in the mood for a good romcom, and this one fit the bill! Sara Ney and Meghan Quinn hit this one out of the park with their "office" romance. Rome is the man in charge, the self made entrepreneur who doesn't have time to get to know his employees. When Peyton makes the effort to give her two weeks notice in person, Rome perks up and looks at her with new eyes. About the same time, Rome begins to get anonymous emails from an employee that are suggestive and as he responds getting to know the person, his attitude changes and life is now looking better. These two are such fun! I could not get enough of the story. Peyton is full of spunk, a little shy at first, but as she breaks out on her own, and gets to know Rome, she is supportive, smart and helpful. Rome is your typical broody man, wants things his way and as he breaks away from his habit of nothing but work, we get to see his layers. The two together have banter that is witty, romantic and will leave you panting. Rome's best friend Hunter is a trip, always spewing things as he sees it and is the perfect contrast to Rome. I loved this book and hope to see more by this dynamic author team! Narrated by Alexander Cendese and Ava Erickson, the story is a blast to listen to. Cendese has a great voice, full of the alpha male, adds the sarcasm in and makes the story flow with ease. His female voice isn't the best, but is easily overlooked as the story progresses. Erickson brings Peyton's personality that spark of energy to keep up with Rome. I loved it from start to finish.

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Sheraka K.

This audio book was narrated by Alexander Cendese and Ava Erickson and I must say I loved Ava. Her voice was made for Peyton. I couldn't get into Alexander's voice and it took a long time to enjoy Rome. Peyton is vivacious and a leader. She wants to move up in the world and not by working for someone. She works hard and harder for the things she enjoys but there is someone in her way...but maybe not in her way. Rome is an egotistical hard ass and it look me a little while to like him. I understand being professional while at work and he has worked hard to get his business up and running but also stay on top of this game. He sees her and he wants her but something is in his email from someone who he needs to find and quickly. This secret admirer has peaked his interest in the best way but the only thing is she has broken some rules that he has set up for the company. I loved the interaction between the Rome and Peyton. She is feisty and doesn't hold back. She makes him want her and he doesn't know what to do!!

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Abby A.

Listening to the audio narration was a second read for me and I loved it even more this time around! I thought the narrators did a great job of bringing Peyton and Rome to life! I enjoyed the witty banter between Rome and his unknown admirer. These authors kept a smile on my face and gave me All. The. Feels. I liked that Peyton saw something in Rome everyone else overlooked. I didn’t want the story to be over. Loved the book and the narrators!

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Aimee C.

Love Sincerely Yours by Meghan Quinn & Sara Ney was so much fun to listen to. It was my first audiobook. While it took a little bit to get into it, I was hooked by the end and sad when it was over. The story itself was fun, lighthearted and swoon worthy. The chemistry between the two characters was off the chart. Listening to both narrators brought the story to life. I love both of these authors books so I was so excited to for this story. Peyton works at Rome inc. She is in the social media department and does a good job. She had dreams of owning her own marketing company, and decides to quit to pursue them. She is good at her job, and her and her friends decide to celebrate with a little too much alcohol. Rome is the CEO of an outdoor sporting wear company. He is arrogant, cold and does not like anyone quitting his company. He does not take to kindly to an email he receives about what an employee would like to do to him. Who knew one drunken email could lead to so much back and forth banter and foreplay? The story was romantic, lighthearted and engulfed me. I listened while on the treadmill, and at times forgot I was even exercising. I couldn’t wait to get in my car just so I could listen. Meghan and Sara’s writing gets you hooked, and keeps you wanting more. Peyton’s narrator did a good job portraying her, and her addiction to Rome. The narrator of Rome was a little harsher, but that fit his character. He took a little more time to adapt to, but as the story progressed I thought he did a great job with Rome’s arrogance and softer side. I am excited for Hunter’s story next. Definitely read or listen to this story, you will love it!

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While I had a *feeling* (based on my love for the authors' previous works and the synopsis) that Love Sincerely Yours was going to be dynamite, I was not prepared for the delicious slow burn that is Rome and Peyton's story. I loved how unapologetically attracted Peyton is to the grumpy CEO and how their correspondence worked to smooth his rough edges. Their emails to each other are romance-banter gold! I also really appreciated that she realistically straddled the fence of insecurity and confidence in both her professional and personal interactions with the bossman. I'm excited to see what the duo does with Rome's best friend and sister! Ava Erickson perfectly embodied Peyton and did a bang up job with the other characters' voices, while Alexander Cendese sort of lost me when he did female voices but I was all in for his depiction of Rome. 4.5 out of 5 wine glasses.

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Bente B.

OMG this was a funny book. I loved it so much. * The storyline is great and the suspense was intense and so well written * Rome is a grumpy ruthless boss, so it seems but Peyton is seeing something now-one else can see. * The mails sent between them is hilarious

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Marina S.

My initial thought was that Ava did a great job narrating as Peyton! I wasn’t too keen on the male narrator’s voice at first but he definitely grew on me except when he was trying to sound like a female character ! This story was hilarious to listen to and I thought the way they narrated the book was great, they spoke expressively which made the book so entertaining to listen to! This is such a quirky storyline and I loved it to bits! Witty banter, the to and fro was rather scintillating You could cut the sizzling tension with a knife it was so steamy... There was like some intense foreplay to try and get to the grand final, would they get there...well I'm not saying a thing! This book, such intense emotions from both Peyton and Rome, add his best friend Hunter into the mix, with his directness and ladies and gents, we have a definite winner in our hands! Love, Sincerely, Yours is the book that will have you smiling...laughing and so heated you won't want to breathe or stop reading till you’ve finished! This book will draw you in and spit you out at the end, but you know what??! You will enjoy every minute of the LYS ride! I want to drown in the happiness this book made me feel!!!! I also snort laughed more than a few times! There's some absolutely amazing one liners in this story too, so punny!!! See what I did there??!!! These two authors should definitely write more stories together! They nailed this book to perfection and I'm extremely excited to read more from them!! Hunter needs his own book for sure, don't you agree??!! You know I'm right! They need to make themselves a brand! How does #NeyQuinn sound?? Its like Nyquil only better!! Much better!! Seriously one click this book! You just have to! I dare you!

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Katharine M.

Peyton and Rome are 100% NSFW in this swoony steamy can’t get enough office romance. A lesson learned the hard way by all… no drinking and typing! Peyton isn’t one to turn down some free beverages but she probably should have paced herself or at the very least forget how to type! She replied all in the worst way gushing about she has no business spewing her inebriated thought to… Rome Blackburn! If it wasn’t bad enough that it’s an HR nightmare to end nightmares, she has Rome also on her case when he responses! He may be the office ogre, but she’s not fooled by his gruff exterior. Can a little harmless flirting really hurt anyone and can she keep herself from getting found out as the office memo queen? Narration- Alexander and Ava bring the heat! They will have you fanning yourself with their back and forth! Done prepared to blush and crush.

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Astrid H.

You know those books, you actually like a lot and still find some niggles that would have made it awesome? It's the way I feel about this one. I read books by Meghan Quinn and Sara Ney individually and I really enjoy their sense of humor in their books. These two combined are lethal in the laughter department. Rome is the stuffy, stick-up-his-ass CEO of his own company. He worked hard to get where he is today and takes it personally when people quit. His life doesn't consist of much more than work. Rome expect his staff to abide his rules. One of them? No fraternization at work. So when he receives an anonymous email, sent from a company address, he gets his pants in a twist big time. It doesn't take long, though, that he starts to re-consider his life and that he doesn't really have much to look forward to when he goes home. Peyton has had a crush on her hardass boss as long as she's been working for Rome Inc. She's pretty much on her way out: she just quit her job to start her own thing (much to Rome's ungrateful!). On a girls night out, celebrating her birthday, after imbibing some liquid courage, she sends Rome an email putting it all out there. She didn't really expect a response when - ding ding - Rome writes back. From here on we get a lot of witty banter and slow burn sexual tension that keeps you on the edge of the seat. Now I said that I liked this story a great deal but I have to admit that the characters weren't really developed a great deal. I didn't know much about either Peyton or Rome to root for them until I got to the last quarter of the story. I wish there would have been more depth to the characters - I never felt that they were capable of big emotions. Especially Rome, who was, yes, entertaining in his tizzies butt other than that he was pretty one-dimensional. Peyton's character was marginally better but the same goes for her - I never really learned what made her tick. Maybe my expectations were too high seeing as this is rom-com...but then I think about other stories by these authors and I know that they are capable of writing great stories. However, with all that being said I enjoyed the hell out of this story and the last bit almost made up for the first 75%. I had the chance to listen to the audiobook and Ava Erickson does an amazing job bringing Peyton to life. She's becoming a favorite narrator quickly. Alexander Cendese's voice took a bit to get used to, especially when he does he female voice it sounds more like him mocking a woman. Ultimately though, he did a decent job voicing Rome. Meghan Quinn and Sara Ney make a good writing duo - their writing styles are seamless and I'm looking forward to reading more when they combine forces!

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Isha C.

Ney and Quinn have created the perfect guilty pleasure read. Love Sincerely Yours is a smart look at what could be a dumb decision. Peyton and Rome are my favorite mistake. A relationship that shouldn't work, but so obviously does. Blame it on the alcohol or the sizzling attraction, but I laughed more than I ever thought possible and enjoyed every minute of it.

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