Making Sense of Wine

Written by:
Matt Kramer
Narrated by:
Frederick Davidson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2009
6 hours 42 minutes
Since its first publication in 1989, Matt Kramer’s extraordinarily accessible guide to wine has become a classic. Where others talk jargon about centrifuges, steel tanks, and acidity levels, Kramer talks about wine itself. The result is an enriching experience that goes far beyond knowing how to read a label or impress a waiter.

The text explains everything an oenophile needs to know, including the creation and naming of wines, wine cellars, presentation and glassware, pairing wine with food, and much more. Kramer reminds us that wine is an expression of the earth that reveals the site and conditions under which it is cultivated. He explores connoisseurship through the practical devices of “thinking wine” and “drinking wine,” making for a most enjoyable and engrossing journey through one of life’s most dependable pleasures.
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Maureen P.

There are some great take-aways and if you want to learn the history behind wine bottles, glassware, various yeasts, etc... it's worth reading. I'm struggling to connect with this narrator and I find myself drifting off as I listen to his snooty English accent and quick blah-blah-blah pronunciation of foreign words and British word pronunciations. I mean ... WHY is Piedmont (Italy) being pronounced as a FRENCH word? (PEE ed MO')? Is that necessary?

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