Managing Oneself Harvard

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April 2012
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Managing Oneself is a landmark article by Peter Drucker that describes the four major learning styles & how you should adapt your learning style to the one that works for you & communicate with others in the learning style that works best for them. Drucker illustrates his points with those people who do well when adopting their own learning style such as LBJ talking and Ike writing, but nothing when they got off style they did not succeed. LBJ was a great Majority Leader because he learned by talking with people in small groups. When he adopted JFK's writing staff, he was miserably confused. Similarly Ike held superior press conferences in World War II because he took questions in advance and read them; when he did impromptu questions as President he came off badly because he learned by reading not talking. One of Drucker's most profound works and, perhaps, the most profound for us as individuals. It is hard to hear his points without remembering them forever.
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Enlightening and thought provoking. Simplicity though maybe the detail is hard reality. Would be an aid if tests and measurements were more expounded upon. Possibly a follow up for "boomers", those who thouhgt of doing it my way did not work out as planned door changed considerably, will need to apply these principles or truths in a modified way may be needed.

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jesse garcia

A must read on bucklist before you die. everyone should learn how to managing oneself

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