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Mastering the Flames

Written by:
Sj Himes
Narrated by:
Joel Leslie

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2020
14 hours 52 minutes
Guilt-ridden after the massacre of his family, Isaac Salvatore turned to binge drinking to escape the pain. Now twenty-four years old, Isaac is a recovering alcoholic woefully out of practice in the magical arts, leaving his fire affinity hanging on the edge of disaster. After a month of rehab, he returns to Beacon Hill and his family, determined to remain sober, learn to control his magic, and figure out a plan for his life that doesn't involve drinking.

Constantine Batiste is the oldest, most powerful vampire in the city. Born in ancient Gaul, the bastard son of a Celtic king, his long life has been shrouded in tragedy and horrors. Recent mistakes have left him wary and determined to guard his clan from all foes. When two of his clan members fall victim to an ancient evil, he summons the Necromancer of Boston for aid. Accompanying his older brother to the Tower is the handsome young fire mage once wounded by Constantine's arrogance, and their encounter reignites an attraction that burns within both Constantine and Isaac.

Contains mature themes.
Profile Avatar
Mari C.

4.5 Stars! If you're planning on reading/listening to Mastering the Flames as a standalone, please don't. Not only did we meet Isaac and Constans in the previous books, but there's a lot of world-building and recurring characters.  The first time I read it, I felt the book started a bit slow, although I thought it was better the second time around. The flashbacks, which I hate with the fire of a thousand suns, didn't help matters even if they were needed, but after the 25% mark the book picked up the pace, and from then, I found it very difficult to put it down.  While there are several characters and a lot was happening, Ms. Himes managed to keep the main focus on this being Isaac and Constans' story. Perhaps how their relationship progressed was a tad fast, but they'd been flirting from the moment they met, so it wasn't that farfetched that they both wanted to be together. Plus, they had great chemistry and brought the best out of each other. Constans was all mysterious before, so it was great learning more about him, he was sweet and supportive to Isaac and seeing him stand up to Angel was a highpoint for me. I really felt for all Isaac had to go through as he worked through his guilt and his addiction. I wanted to hug him and make it all better and it made me so happy to see that Constans was willing to do whatever he needed to help him. The whole thing with the blood mage was so interesting! While it wasn't that difficult to figure out who the bad guy was, it was still an engaging, action-packed case with many twists and turns that made for a very entertaining read. Joel Leslie is just perfect for this kind of book and for this series, and it really added to the experience to listen to him narrate it. I enjoyed it so much, that I'll say that having read the book and listened to it, if you have a chance, just pick the audiobook. I promise you won't regret it. 

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