Written by:
Anne Rice
Narrated by:
Graeme Malcolm

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2000
11 hours 35 minutes
In her mesmerizing new novel, the author of The Vampire Chronicles and the saga of the Mayfair Witches demonstrates once again her gift for spellbinding storytelling and the creation of myth and magic. Here, in a magnificent tale of sorcery and the occult, she makes real for us a hitherto unexplored world of witchcraft.

At the center is the beautiful, unconquerable witch Merrick. She is a descendant of the gens de couleur libres, a society of New Orleans octoroons and quadroons steeped in the lore and ceremony of voodoo, who reign in the shadowy world where African and French--the dark and the white--intermingle. Her ancestors are the great Mayfair witches, of whom she knows nothing--and from whom she inherits the power and the magical knowledge of a Circe.

Into this exotic realm comes David Talbot--hero, storyteller, adventurer, almost-mortal vampire, visitor from another dark realm. It is he who recounts Merrick's haunting tale--a tale that takes us from the New Orleans of past and present to the jungles of Guatemala, from the Maya ruins of a century ago to ancient civilizations not yet explored.

Anne Rice's richly told novel weaves an irresistible story of two worlds: the witches' world and the vampires' world, where magical powers and otherworldly fascinations are locked together in a dance of seduction, death, and rebirth.
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Motthaku C.

Very good book.

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Awesome love Ann Rice books trying to collect them all

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Matt B.

Very slow to develop the story. The ending was pretty good but it too forever to get there.

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Jason S.

another animation level I could not put down I read this just after I read Pandora and it's an awesome book

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Derrick Harris

Not Anne's best book but definitely entertaining. I'm looking forward to reading on in the Vampire Chronicles.

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Shannon Lowry

I really enjoyed this story. Rather then begin with a mortal enemy, it ends with a Vampiric beginning. I would hardly call Merrick a witch though. Rather a practitioner of Voodoo. It's also interesting to know that humans can call upon powers that can so strongly effect vampires. Loui has his 'Eeyore complex' on big time in this book and Claudia makes a bratty appearance.

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A beautifully written book. I feel like I've lived in New Orleans.

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Scott Fletcher

Classic Ann Rice. If you loved her others you will love this one too.

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