MicroShifts: Transforming Your Life One Step at a Time

Written by:
Gary Jansen
Narrated by:
Gary Jansen

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2020
2 hours 11 minutes
Is it really possible to change my life-in ways that will last?

Author Gary Jansen knows how difficult it can be to create significant, sustainable change in our lives. Sometimes we feel too overwhelmed to even start, and in other cases this self-work seems like one more burden. In his new book he offers an answer that he calls 'microshifting'-small, incremental adjustments that gradually reshape our deeply rooted patterns.

With a blend of masterful storytelling and dozens of practical tips, MicroShifts suggests simple, small changes across many aspects of our lives-everything from how we greet others to how we try to talk to God-to generate big results physically, mentally, and spiritually. If you are looking for steps to improve your life that are achievable, sustainable, and potentially life-changing, MicroShifts is a powerful place to begin.
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Stuff we all know

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Vincent D.

I am really not a fan about self development books, most of them are just self declared guru's bs. But this one is short, to the point and contains some interesting points and idea that can really be beneficial for most of us. Beware, the authors is christian, so lot of god related things. If you are allergic to that, just pass.

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I really enjoyed your book! Thank you. What I love most was that you give very practical steps to bring the change so many want.

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Patricia K.

"True life is lived when tiny changes occur", this audiobook is worth listening, the narrator was engaging, will listen to it again n again

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Tanya M.

Got a lot more out of it than I thought I would. Really enjoyed it.

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Maya B.

it's a short and nice book

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Bob M.

Good ideas

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Kimberly S.

Loved it! He gives great advice on how to transform any part of your life with small, continual changes. And he does so in an entertaining yet simple way. I especially love the concept of a “To Live List” which is just a few things you want changed/achieved over a certain period of time (he describes it more fully, obviously). Started my list right after finishing the book!

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Valerie Bell

I absolutely LOVED this book! it was exactly what I was looking for in this season of my life. Thank you Mr. Jansen for believing the prophecy your mom told you years ago. I would love to read more of your books.

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Gary delivers an interesting and informative way of living life and a To Live List with many brilliant micro shifts to inspire and motivate you. Brilliant audio many thanks Gary. Blessings

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Great tips. It makes you feel that you can achieve them. Baby steps to make an entire transformation

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Excellent tips, easy to make them. Great voice of the narrator

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