Midas Touch: Why Some Entrepreneurs Get Rich--and Why Most Don't

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2011
8 hours 0 minutes
In the tradition of their #1 blockbuster Why We Want You to Be Rich, the all-star team of bestselling authors Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki reunites to teach listeners what it takes to be successful and influential entrepreneurs in Midas Touch.

What makes some business owners wildly successful? What separates the entrepreneurs who build businesses from ones who just seem to create more work for themselves? How, exactly do the world’s most prominent business builders seem to hit home run after home run? The answer: They have the Midas Touch.

Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki believe the world needs more entrepreneurs. For the first time, two of the world’s most successful and influential entrepreneurs will share their own Midas Touch secrets. Secrets that will both inspire you to find and fulfill your passion as well as provide you with the hands-on guidance you need to be successful. Through their real life stories of success, failure, perseverance and purpose, you’ll discover how they do it and whether or not you have what it takes to drive your own entrepreneurial success.
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Lisa Norman

I read Midas Touch listened to this audio on my Christmas drive from Sydney - Canberra and return. I've wanted to read it for sometime and now that Mr Trump is president. There was an added interest level for me. I was not disappointed in this book. I found it to be full of excellent content - personal observations, open transparency by both Robert & Donald in their failings and best of all, their learnings. It gave me all I was seeking and more. Well read by the narrators and I liked the structure of the book across the five core principles (fingers analogy) and how the perspectives of each author addressed each. It's a book I want to read again to absorb what I missed the first time (rich content) and of course, to take some notes next time. Only draw back with audiobooks is that you are often doing concurrent activity (eg driving) while listening so you can't readily take notes...also, where there are images / diagrams, they are not available to you (none for this book). Great value, insight & clearly outlined actionable learnings for the business owner, entrepreneur and business student. Finally, given all the controversy around Trump as he steps into his presidency, I have to say I feel we will be in great hands if his sense of integrity, determination to provide excellence, self declared expert negotiating skills & success formula is applied to the next few years of world politics. It may be overly optimist on my part but I'm excited about the potential of what may be achieved and the ride ahead!

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Joilson G.

thank u Mr Trump and Kiyosaki for writing the book big fan!!!!

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