Midnight Falls

Written by:
McKenzie Hunter
Narrated by:
Jorjeana Marie

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2017
13 hours 15 minutes
A shapeshifter who possesses magic shouldn't exist, and some people want to keep it that way.

My life will never be simple again. As a werewolf who is a host to a powerful spirit shade, I possess the ability to manipulate magic, among other things-and that means I have many enemies. In need of allies, I join the Midwest Pack.

Being part of the pack is supposed to make things better. It doesn't. After performing a powerful spell to protect Ethan, I'm punished and cursed by the Creed, the ruling body of the witches, who will do anything to get rid of me.

While seeking a way to lift my curse, the pack find themselves tasked with guarding a book of magic that everyone wants, including the Creed. In the wrong hands, it can destroy the otherworld and ignite a battle that no one can win.

Pulled into the Midwest Pack's clandestine world of strange politics, dark secrets, and hidden dangers makes me wonder if joining the pack was a bad decision. I'm enticed when a powerful and mysterious witch claims he can make it all stop: break the curse, stop the rivalries, even undo my lycanthropy.

But the witch's help comes at a price-the betrayal of my pack. Which will I choose?
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Vanessa L.

The story is good, It will definitely make you wonder where these concepts come from(in the writer)! I have a love/hate feeling for Skylar. She has so much power but is always putting herself and others in danger. After a while you wonder why the pack protects her. It's like she has no sense or concern for her safety. She claims the vampire she saved is her friend but puts him in danger of being destroyed. She questions others morals keep she does things that make you wonder about her own! It's a good book, but you may find yourself shaking your head or rolling your eyes at her antics!!

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Debi Altizer

I enjoy the story and the chasers much. the only one that erks me is that Sky can seem childish often but I hope she gets over it soon. im going to start the next book and plan to finish the series then listen to the one that's Ethan's point of view because we never get to know what he's thinking. I love the narrator shes perfect for this series. Hunter is one of my favorite authors

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