Midshipman Spacemage

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2022
7 hours 50 minutes
The Spacemage is back!

It's been eighty years since Thorn split his people into six societies spread across the galaxy. He's known all that time a timeline shift was coming, and the role he needed to play when it did. The mages of his world are ready, including his great-great nephew, Bud.

For Bud, living in the shadow of his legend relative hasn't really been an issue, and his role in the timeline shift is supposed to be minor. But Kali has an agenda, magic has its own agenda, and since Thorn is old, and tired of his people's reliance on him, he too has an agenda.

On the heels of the shift, comes the Imperium, and the war with the Trixone.

The Imperium needs recruits, and especially mages. Bud is a willing volunteer, but is it a good idea to merge a Thorn's line mage with high technology?

Admiral Jane has handpicked a team, and Bud finds himself being . . .

Midshipman Spacemage.
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