The Mini-Guide to Cozumel Day Trips (Cozumel Pearl Farm and Temazcal Cozumel) from Pearl Escapes 2015

Written by:
Pearl Howie
Narrated by:
Pearl Howie

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2021
0 hours 24 minutes
Hi there, I'm Pearl Howie (aka Pearl Escapes) and this is my guide to two incredible day trip escapes in Cozumel. If you have just one day to spend in Cozumel (for example, you're on a cruise) you have a really, really tough decision ahead of you.

Normally I only recommend one sight or escape in each location, but I cannot pick between these two. I also normally recommend somewhere to stay, how to travel and a nice restaurant – but you won't need any of this if you're on a cruise that stops for one day in Cozumel.

I started writing these guides because I used to get extremely burned out in my old job and couldn't even handle finding and booking a hotel and flight or figuring out what to do when I did take time off, so, I thought, 'wouldn't it be awesome if someone would write a guide that just gave you one perfect escape; the perfect hotel, spa, flight and restaurant.'

So that's what I did.
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