Minimalism and Decluttering: Discover The Secrets on How to Live a Meaningful Life and Declutter Your Home, Budget, Mind and Life with the Minimalist Way Of Living

Written by:
Alexandra Jessen
Narrated by:
Gretchen Conlon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2020
3 hours 36 minutes
If you want to learn the secret practical strategies to living the minimalist life and decluttering your home your way, then keep reading....
You don’t have to own only three T-shirts and live in a house with no furniture to be a minimalist. In fact, that is actually what is now being coined as “extreme minimalism”. Not to bash it though, that can certainly work for some people, but that isn’t how minimalism and decluttering have to be. In fact, minimalism is actually about a reassessment of your priorities so you can strip away the excess stuff that doesn’t provide any value to your life.
So, if you’re someone who has a life and house full of unnecessary “clutter” and you want to remove the things that don’t bring value without having to purge everything you own, then this audiobook will show you step-by-step how to achieve that.
Here is just a sample of what you will discover:
The three questions to ask yourself to live a meaningful life
How to purposefully declutter your house starting now!
Why getting more money won’t always make you happier
Declutter by buying more things!
Think you have to get rid of everything to be a minimalist? Think again!
What monks know about happiness that you don’t
The must-know strategies to make minimalism work for the busiest people and families!
Why minimalism is a spectrum and why you don’t have to be an “extreme minimalist”.
The two easiest techniques to cultivate happiness, joy, and peace into every aspect of your life
And much, much more!
So, even if you are the biggest hoarder the world has ever seen or failed at being a minimalist before, this audiobook actually shows how minimalism and decluttering can bring peace and harmony to your life instead of the added stress they can bring.
So, If You Want The Practical Guide To Making Minimalism And Decluttering Work For You (Without Creating Another Ideology For Yourself) Then Scroll Up And Click 'Add To Cart.2
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Ainsley W.

This 3 hour book was not worth a credit. I only chose this book because it had 5 stars and raving reviews on but I don't know how anyone could really rate this book highly. It doesn't have many practical strategies for decluttering. It's pretty much a 3 hour pep talk. In addition, it is barely understandable, because the author doesn't use English words properly. A lot of the time I'm trying to work out what she's trying to say. It's as if the book has not been proofread. The narrator has a lovely gentle voice though.

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Amina B.

Through this audio, I realized that there is more to life than having a lot of things that you don’t really need. It is always a matter of contentment and satisfaction at the end of the day.

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Brooklynn K.

This audio highlighter that it is never too late to change your ways, especially if that change is for the better. Listening to this audio now will serve as your first step to a new you.

Profile Avatar
Lilith W.

Do not be afraid to let go of the lifestyle that you currently have right now. This audio will teach you how to live a life that is full of contentment. It is completely achievable, so listen to it too.

Profile Avatar
Paige J.

Through listening to this audio, I came up with a realization that I have been chasing after the wrong things all along. I have learned that embracing this lifestyle is always a matter of the heart.

Profile Avatar
Santana G.

Not every single possessions like material things will give you happiness for a long time. You might just want it. With that, you must seek happiness elsewhere, thus with things that you will truly need.

Profile Avatar
Poppy C.

Through the help of this audio, I am removing the distraction of excess possessions so I can focus more on those things that matter most. I will now intentionally live with only the things I really need—those items that support my purpose.

Profile Avatar
Madelynn V.

This audio shares a practical advice that can be easily followed by everyone. For instance, it of you do not need something, why waste a penny for it? Just save it for the future.

Profile Avatar
Alfonso H.

This audio will help you evaluate your everyday choices. It helped me change my view on how to spend my money and that it is important to save more for the future.

Profile Avatar
Jasmine M.

This audio will help you to be the best version of yourself because you find a new way to live your life to the fullest and become contented of the few things that you have.

Profile Avatar
Demi P.

The knowledge shared in this audio about minimalism and decluttering is very easy to apply in reality. We must face the fact that we don’t actually need a lot of things that we currently have now.

Profile Avatar
Rosie R.

When you start a minimalist way of living, you must ensure that you will follow a minimalist budget in order for your plan to work. Think of it properly through the help of this audio.

Profile Avatar
Mario R.

I have learned that having a small home is better than having a huge one wherein it will just add up to your expenses like using the air conditioner for a bigger space.

Profile Avatar
Jaxton W.

This audio shared easy ways on how to budget. It really got me that it is easier to budget if we have fewer expenses. So it is time to remove things that cannot do you any good.

Profile Avatar
Jana G.

This audio has taught me to let go of things that I don’t actually need especially in my everyday life. If that only costs me more money, without even using it, I should let go of it.

Profile Avatar
Brysen W.

Since you have a lot of clutter at home, it means you have a lot to clean too. This audio helped me feel less stress through getting rid of those excess stuff that I don’t need at home.

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Itzel A.

After listening to this audio, I realized that it is not really important to have a lot of stuff that doesn’t have to do with my life, thus I must spend on experience more for it will be truly helpful.

Profile Avatar
Johnathan P.

This audio emphasized that you should get rid of clutter that don’t add value or significance in your life. This taught me to turn those clutter to money as well.

Profile Avatar
Juliette H.

This audio will teach you the importance of having less, hence getting rid of excess stuff that you don’t really need. You can see how having less stuff can also free up your life financially.

Profile Avatar
Tommy W.

This audio gives emphasis on the fact that you must be living debt free and with extra time to work on personal relationships which means changing life for the better.

Profile Avatar
Kadence L.

This audio will teach you how important it is to have a lifestyle that is all about living with less for most of the time, less is more.

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