Minimalism & Decluttering: Learn Secret Strategies on Living a Minimalist Lifestyle for Your House, Digital Whereabouts, Family Life & Your Own Mindset! Declutter Your Life for Finding Inner Happiness

Written by:
Sofia Madsen
Narrated by:
Gretchen Conlon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2020
3 hours 24 minutes
Do you want to live a happier and more fulfilling life with less? If so then keep reading…
Do you have problems not knowing where to start on your minimalist journey? Convincing a spouse or family about the benefits of simpler living? Teaching your children about having less? Or finding you keep thing “just in case”? If you do, within this audiobook many minimalism experts have discussed their knowledge on how to overcome these problems and more, most of which have been living a minimalist lifestyle for 10+ years.
In Minimalism & Decluttering, you will discover:
• A simple trick you can do to learn that our worth is not tied up in our possessions!
• The best way of convincing loved ones of a minimalist lifestyle!
• The one method to use to find every item a new home!
• Why minimalism helps to reduce stress and other mental problems!
• Understanding why some people will fail with minimalism and how you can use that to succeed!
- And much, much more.
The proven methods and pieces of knowledge are so easy to follow. Even if you’ve never heard of minimalism before, you will still be able to get to live a minimalist lifestyle.
So, if you want to transform your life, then click “BORROW” or 'Buy Now'!
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Jai V.

This audiobook is full of awesome tips and information. This is a very good choice for those who want to minimize or declutter. Highly recommended!

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Curtis J.

If you want to learn about the minimalist lifestyle, this audiobook is definitely what you need! It highlights steps that you can do anytime and anywhere. It talks about decluttering and creating new habits.

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Leornado S.

Clear the clutter in your life! This audiobook will open your mind about the concept of minimalism and how it is healthy for you. You will realize that as you let go of things and thoughts that you don't need, your life gets better.

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Louis H.

This is the best book on minimalism that I have listened to so far. Definitely written with with and compassion. It is encouraging and powerful.

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Emma K.

I really enjoyed this audiobook. It has excellent insights on what's really important in life, and how valuable it is to have less and live more. I easily related.

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Micheal R.

This book has a lot of amazing and great tips. It's approach to minimalism is definitely an eye-opener. Get yours!

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Tim S.

This audiobook is a total life changer! It shifted the way I think about everything I own. Time to make a change and live a more fulfilling life!

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Peter H.

I really enjoyed listening to this book. Loved how the narrator delivered the script. Two thumbs up!

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Maria L.

This lovely book covers excellent tips about minimalism. It is very easy to understand. Definitely a must-have for anyone who needs an easy way to simplify their lives.

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Ethan L.

I love the idea of minimalism! Thanks to this audiobook for it has opened my eyes to the potential happiness I could have in my life just by decluttering. The narrator has a very beautiful voice.

Profile Avatar
Andrea G.

I was the person who believed that buying the latest trend would make me happy but I was wrong. Thanks to this book for its practical tips!

Profile Avatar
Jake H.

I was the person who believed that buying the latest trend would make me happy but I was wrong. Thanks to this book for its practical tips!

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