Missions from the Extinction Cycle, Vol. 1

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2019
12 hours 47 minutes
Missions from the Extinction Cycle, Volume 1

The bestselling Extinction Cycle series by Nicholas Sansbury Smith first introduced readers to a world ravaged by an engineered virus that turned men into monsters. Billions died, civilization collapsed, and the human race teetered on the brink of extinction. Humanity's only hope was not a cure, but another bioweapon. When deployed it killed ninety percent of the infected, but the remaining ten percent transformed into even more terrifying creatures called Variants.

Heroes have risen up to meet these abominations. Men like Master Sergeant Reed Beckham of Delta Force Team Ghost and Marine Corporal Joe Fitzpatrick. Women like Dr. Kate Lovato and firefighter Meg Pratt. Throughout the world, survivors band together to fight the evolving monsters in an effort to save humanity.

Now, for the first time ever in print, comes a collection of Extinction Cycle short stories that explore the human spirit and the fight for survival in the face of overwhelming odds from some of the leading voices in the postapocalyptic genre.

Featured authors include:

Mark Tufo—Extinction Trippin'

Anthony Melchiorri—Darkness Evolved

Jeff Olah—The Bone Collector

Russell Blake—Extinction Thailand

Rachel Aukes—The Fall of Fort Bragg
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