My First Investment in Health for Kids and Teens: What is sleep, exercise, diet and why do I need it?

Written by:
Sweet Smart Books
Narrated by:
Rachel Hirsh

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2022
2 hours 9 minutes
More than ever, kids and teenagers are becoming invested in their own physical and mental health. 'My First Investment in Health for Kids and Teens' helps youth understand their changing bodies and the emotions, mental anguish, and perplexity that can often come with these changes.

When our youth are empowered with information, they are able to make decisions for themselves, and become more independent when making decisions based on diet, mental health, and how to become more involved in their community.

Giving them a sense of self, and taking the initiative to navigate their own future, will help kids and teens not only understand the changes that are so quickly happening within themselves, but how to navigate through these times with more control and emotional peace.

This book will help kids and teenagers understand what happens to their bodies and emotional states in their pre-pubescent and teenage years, and why every emotion they feel at this time is normal and valid. Adolescent readers will learn how to get more sleep, eat a better diet, and use exercise as a way to help stabilize their moods, keeping their minds sharp.

This book is here to help guide the youthful reader to make a difference in their community and develop a positive future with others. Since a decline in mental health becomes more prevalent in kids and teenagers each year, this book helps explain how diet and exercise affects their mental health, and what they can do to feel less alone, as well as offering tips to help others who are struggling.

Empowering our youth is going to help them grow to be self-sufficient and healthy adults who can manifest a bright future, and help build a life for themselves that they can be in control of.
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