My Sister, the Serial Killer: A Novel

Written by:
Oyinkan Braithwaite
Narrated by:
Adepero Oduye

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2018
4 hours 15 minutes
'Pulpy, peppery and sinister, served up in a comic deadpan...This scorpion-tailed little thriller leaves a response, and a sting, you will remember.'--NEW YORK TIMES

'The wittiest and most fun murder party you've ever been invited to.'--MARIE CLAIRE


A short, darkly funny, hand grenade of a novel about a Nigerian woman whose younger sister has a very inconvenient habit of killing her boyfriends

'Femi makes three, you know. Three and they label you a serial killer.'

Korede is bitter. How could she not be? Her sister, Ayoola, is many things: the favorite child, the beautiful one, possibly sociopathic. And now Ayoola's third boyfriend in a row is dead.

Korede's practicality is the sisters' saving grace. She knows the best solutions for cleaning blood, the trunk of her car is big enough for a body, and she keeps Ayoola from posting pictures of her dinner to Instagram when she should be mourning her 'missing' boyfriend. Not that she gets any credit.

Korede has long been in love with a kind, handsome doctor at the hospital where she works. She dreams of the day when he will realize that she's exactly what he needs. But when he asks Korede for Ayoola's phone number, she must reckon with what her sister has become and how far she's willing to go to protect her.

Sharp as nails and full of deadpan wit, Oyinkan Braithwaite's deliciously deadly debut is as fun as it is frightening.
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Alicia F.

This was a great read!

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Aseba G.

Omg! Loved this book. As a Nimerican, I can appreciate the way this book took me back to my roots and thrilled me as well.

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Aubrey T.

Throughout the book was very catchy and entertaining, I believe mostly thanks to the narrator! The ending was left a bit flat, but in all it was great. I cannot say enough great things about the narrator! Fluctuation, voices, grabbing your attention.. all amazing!

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Arpita D.

amazing narrator! made the whole story even more engaging!

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Zakiya R.

Great storytelling!

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Reina H.

Very good book entertaining all the way through. Fast paced story and never a dull moment.

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O wow. This audiobook is beautifully spoken and you can understand all the characters and story line because it's not to many. This was so good I think I am going to see if the author has anything else.

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Absolutely adored this book.

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Maya C.

This book a very good read. Kind of went by fast but the storyline kept me intrigued every second. It was a mystery, thriller but it also was sarcastic which made it feel more personable.

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William Z.

Big start and then slow-ish development, but you quickly feel the pace pick up again. Good story, the end felt a bit cut short, but maybe that's just good writing, making me want more. Great narration.

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Alicia G.

It was a good story, easy to follow and engaging as well. The narrator was awesome as well.

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Dana P.

Fantastic narrator. Engaging story.

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Kristy A.

Short boring book

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Jennifer J.

This was a good quick read. An interesting story brought to life by an amazing narrator.

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